prediction: Johnny Manziel will eventually play in CFL

I watched this kid play last night in NFL exhibition action. Everyone criticized him, but the skills I saw (very quick feet, very fast scrambler, accurate intermediate passer) are skills that would help him shine in the CFL. I'm sure he can throw the long ball accurately, too, but unfortunately, Cleveland's poor offensive gameplan, bad offensive line and "receivers who can't get open" are not going to let Manziel showcase that ability yet. Washington's D blitzed him every play, and he was running for his life.

Given Manziel's tiny size, and the talents I outlined above, if he continues to flounder in Cleveland, and if he isn't opposed to coming up north to play for peanuts, I can see Manziel up here eventually.

In fact, DOESN'T HAMILTON OWN HIS RIGHTS??????????????

Neg lists change all the time, but as of January 5th, 2013, both Johnny Manziel and Tajh Boyd (now of the Jets) were on Hamilton's neg list

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[b]Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel, who is on the Ticats neg list[/b], destroyed Oklaholma last night in the Cotton Bowl, (229 yards rushing, 287 yards passing) and four touchdowns in a 41-13 romp in the Cotton Bowl. He's a freshman, so it could be a while until he's in Black and Gold (yes, most likely never.)

another Ticat neg lister, Clemson QB Tajh Boyd, is considering entering the NFL draft as a junior.

Hamilton also holds, or at least held, the rights to Geno Smith (Jets) and Kellen Moore (Lions): [url=] ... f-cfl.html[/url]
Other quarterbacks on the Ticats neg list include Boise State's Kellen Moore, Clemson's Tahj Boyd, and West Virginia's Geno Smith.
Of course, that post from Drew is all about Tim Tebow being on Hamilton's neg list, but he has since been removed and put on Montreal's list.

The news of Tebow being on our neg list was discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=73741

yah it was painful to watch. he looked like a kid among giants. definitely agree the CFl is where he'd shine but it'll never happen. teams tend to hang on to their first round picks esp qb's who'd of though Tebow would last 4 years?

Johnny football will make a fine living being on NFL practice squads.

Given how wealthy that family is. You have to wonder if he'd every come to the CFL for six figures. The motivation probably would be to return to the NFL like Garcia and Flutie.

I watched that game as well and I believe Gruden indicated Manziel was playing behind the second team offence. He could play well in the Hammer because they haven't had a great O Line since 1998-1999. It all start in the trenches, fairly simple concept that gets messed up with the Int - nat ratio. I would welcome him here anytime soon before he gets crushed in the NFL