Prediction for tomorrows game.

Theres going to be a lot of green and gold
carrying ice bags after the game.

Run Ricky Run!

I have Calgary in the VGCC, I believe they will win a close one.

Calgary 33
Edmonton 28

Gonna be high scoring...Chris Jones has always had a real hard time planning against Ricky Ray

Edmonton wins

I still am of the belief both defenses are not so good, and both offenses are very good.

Calgary 41
Edmonton 32

This will definately be high scoring, and should be very very close.

remember the last time these 2 teams faced each other in week 2? and what a finish that was.

i think Calgary barely wins.

Calgary: 39
Edmonton: 35

Stamps by 4, lots of penalties (of course)

Argos by 12

eskimos - 42
stamps - 21

burris gets knocked out and dickenson takes over the reigns. copeland breaks a


p.s.s- whatever happened to those two MMA wannabe fighters on the eskimos roster"? did they run outta steroid juice?

Mike Maurer retired before the season started.

Adam Braidwood injured himself(knee I think) in training camp and was placed on the 9 game reserve. We may see him in a few weeks time though if all is well.