Prediction for Season ticket numbers....

I predict it will drop to about 12,000 this year. With the new pricing set this will still be about 1 million less in season ticket sales plus loss of concession sales on these people will be about a drop of 3 million in total revenues....just from the loss of these season ticket holders. Of the 9 people around me, 5 are
now probably not coming back. I think Bob's idea of raising ticket prices for the poor product we've been watching will back fire on him.

I'd say a 10-15% drop in STH sales. This would result in anet increase in revenue but seriously start the slipperry slope to below 20,000 per game once again.

i think it will drop weather the prices increased or not. people want to see a winning product.

Agreed but the hike will make it worse

How can you measure that a 10-15% drop will still result in increase revenue?

Just look at the ticket price increases to the Traditions holders alone. This is amassive jump in revenue for all of the prime seating. Since the prime seating area has an average increase of over 25% I believe the guess of revenue neutrality to revenue positive results this year are reasonable

I don't know about the deep drop in season ticket sales, but I do know about two that won't be renewing. I don't even really care about losing-------I do care about seeing inept, uninteresting football. Taafe is about as imaginative as a rock. I'll never forgive him for kicking a field goal with four minutes left and us behind by 12 pts. The field goal did absolutely nothing but swell Setta's numbers. And quite frankly I don't care if he kicks a hundred field goals---I go to see touchdowns, or least the attempt at them. No I'll say goodbye and yes I guess I'm not a real fan of TigerCat football, but I do love football so next season I'll be watching exciting football at McMaster.