Prediction for a Montreal/Sask Grey Cup Match-up

:lol: Judging by their Momentum this past month, Sask and Montreal should end up in the Grey Cup final with Sask taking it all! :lol:

Now this is funny.
Another rider fan yapping.
Montreal could be there.
Riders will fall apart once again.
Then every rider fan will be throwing crap on Pauls lawn again.

LOL… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Skeptics!!! Who do you guys think will be there in place of SASK?

Edmonton, BC,

I don't know where riders will fit in.
Will they come to the east?
Montreal or Toronto will represent the east.
Edmonton will represent the west.
All I know,is that the Las Vegas Posse have a better chance than the riders going to the cup!!!

Sask will finish second in the West.

BC Vs. Montreal

Montreal wins.

It's been about a month since I last heard anyone expecting a good playoff run from the Stampeders. Isn't there any believers anymore in cowtown?

I think that depends on Burris coming back, and whether or not he has mid-season form again. If he's back to the way their offence was a the start of the season, they might not win the rest of their games. If he plays like he was before he got hurt, they could win all of their games. Sure, they've got Reynolds, but the Riders and Esks both have very good run defences, prior rushing totals by Reynolds notwithstanding. With an effective Burris, they can have both facets of the offence going, making it tough to defend against. If Burris is erratic, they can key on the run, and make Calgary's defence win the games for them.

As a rider fan, I hope they don't win, but I'm too much of a realist to think that it's not possible.

Yes I still believe. The Stamps will be the Eastern conference champs. :lol: You think I'm kidding....right? I'm not.

Whoever crosses over from the West will create all sorts of trouble in the East.

Hmmm think of the possible matchups.

Battle of Alberta Calgary Vs Edmonton
How about Saskatchewan Vs BC,??

Actually Montreal seems to have it together now, So I expect the Als to be there representing the East.

It’s simply ludicrous to have both teams in the Grey Cup from the same Conference or Division, whatever the CFL calls it. It destroys the Tradition of an "East/West Classic. Otherwise it will be nothing more than glorified regular season game.

If Calgary crosses over, we will win the East, if the Riders cross, we'll win the west! Either way it will be Crandell vs. Burris for the Grey Cup.. for a preview, see the Oct 23rd game. It'll be a goodun!


BOOOORRRRINNNGG! Very Boring. Who'll watch that regional meaningless match-up anyways?

A western team could perhaps surprise either one of Montreal or Toronto in the eastern semi-final. But to think you can get past both of us is a complete fantasy.

By the way, out of the last 20 games between Montreal and Saskatchewan, the Alouettes were victorious 18 times. So just bring it if you wish. We'll be waiting.

That's why Calgary has to be the ones to cross over for a Crandell vs. Burris cup..... which although it'd be interesting, I don't think I want to see it really.

I can't believe that the Riders keep getting beat by you guys. Well, I can believe it, but I mean, 12 of 20 would still be semi-respectable, 15 of 20 would be pretty much pathetic..... 18 of 20..... I don't think the word exists.... and if it does, it's probably something that shouldn't be written on this site, just yelled at the TV.

I also think it'd be very tough for a Western team to come east and win two in a row, but as for "complete" fantasy...... 18 of 20 losses still means 2 wins... there's always a chance, albeit nearly negligible.