Predictintg the Quarterback position for each team

Well I already miss the CFL and it's only a day later... anyways I figured with Mike Reilly and Matt Nichols stepping up Calvillo retireing..or not. and Buck Pierce faltering I'd attempt to look at what the QB position might look like at each team.

Toronto: 1. Ricky Ray 2. J. Jackson. 3. Trevor Harris (Ray established himself as a top tier QB Jackosn meh in relief but will stick around. Harris has a bright future.)
Calgary: 1. Drew Tate. 2. Bo Levi-Mitchell 3. Brad Sinopoli (Glenn=best back up in league but Bo is ready to step up.)
Saskatchewan: 1. Darian Durant 2. Drew Willy 3. (New American Import) I think we turf JT. Willy is the future. Durant starts
Edmonton: 1. Matt Nichols 2. Buck Pierce 3. Jeremia Masoli. That's right Pierce traded to Edmonton to be a back up as Winnipeg makes the biggest free agent splash in CFL.....
Winnipeg: 1. Mike Reilly 2. Kevin Glenn 3. Joey Elliot (It's obvious that Pierce or the rest of the 3 stooges aren't the answer Glenn returns to Winnipeg but only to help out a inexperianced Reilly.
Montreal: 1. Anthony Calvillo 2. Ricky Santos 3. Kyle Quinlan Montreal resigns Calvillo for a 1 year deal as they let Mcpherson (31) walk.
Hamilton: 1. Henry Burris 2. Adrain McPherson 3. Quinton Porter (Burris remains #1 QB but Mcpherson gains reps and eventually takes over if things go sour for Hamilton in a hurry
BC: 1. Travis Lulay 2. Alex Brink 3. Thomas Demarco (needing back up depth BC makes a solid signing in Brink)

Not taking into account Ottawa as that will be a heaping pile of confusion.

I'm open to critisizim I'm not future caster and it's all in fun and to pass time. tell me what you think! and make your own QB predictions ! :rockin:

Ricky Santos? :lol:

Do your homework before posting.

ooops one mistake though can't exactly say I didn't do my homework

Curious why you think Brink will end up in BC?

A few comments/predictions:

Toronto: Jarius Jackson will be released or he will retire. Zach Coliaros becomes number 3.

Edmonton: Pierce will remain in Winnipeg or retire; no other Team will sign him.

Winnipeg: Brink,Elliott,Pierce and Goltz will "fight" for number 1,unless Reilly or McPherson is signed as number 1,which I doubt.

Hamilton: McPherson in Hamilton makes no sense at all. Why would McPherson sign in Hamilton to be number 2,behind a QB younger than Calvillo by 4 years.

Montreal: Calvillo,McPherson and Josh Neiswander,unless McPherson is signed as number 1 by either Winnipeg or Edmonton; if so,which I doubt, Neiswander will become number 2 and Jacory Harris,formerly Miami of NCAA,number 3.


The question is which veteran QBs play out their option next year and who does Ottawa go after?
Ottawa should go after a veteran CFL QB like a Glen, Burris, Ray, Tate or Lulay and then pickup a MacPherson, Porter as backup.

I think i see Glen going to Edmonton via trade for a two late round draft pics. K/J and Jyles are not long term solutions at all, and Matt needs a vet backup.

I really wonder if Ottawa will take bo levi mitchell. Calgary will obviously protect tate...

I dont think Buck will retire until no team will sign him anymore.

I see A/C playing one more year, then retiring. A/M starts in the 2014 season. Hes no spring chicken anymore either.

Its all a crap shoot i realize.

Winnipeg - Reilly or McPherson, mainly because 1. Mack feels pressure to make a FA splash after being quiet in the FA market the last couple of years and from the fallout of the season that was 2012 and 2. still too many questions about the guys who are here. I think Buck is back as the seasoned backup, Brink is #3, Archer is #4 as Goltz won't be willing to stick on the PR once again. Elliott is the odd man out if I was GM, he has had good moments this season but all the bad picks and he has been bad in the red zone more often than he has been good. I'm not a fan.

Montreal - Calvillo is back, Neiswander returns also, and I'm going to go on a wild limb here and say Quinton Porter ends up here.

Toronto - Ray, I think Jackson sticks for one more year, I will again go out on a limb and predict Harris loses his job to Collaros in training camp for the #3 spot. Collaros looked much sharper and more dynamic than Harris in his limited playing time this season.

Hamilton - Burris, LeFevour sticks and moves up to #2 as Porter moving on seems more than likely. Quinlan has been in camp here before, I would not be surprised if he lands here in a PR role. Not sure who ends up as the #3 here though.

BC - Lulay, Reilly - I think Buono convinces him to stick. Feel free to correct me on the terms of Lulay's contract but his extension at the start of this year was for two years and as I understand it his contract will be up at the end of 2013 Reilly would be insurance if Lulay tests NFL options. If Lulay stays in BC the Reilly will be exposed in the Ottawa dispersal draft and more than likely get his shot there as the head guy. Demarco returns as #3.

Edmonton - I could see them starting Nichols based on his late season flashes, keeping either Jyles/Joseph as the insurance, then Masoli.

Calgary - Tate, Mitchell, and Sinopoli (sentimental fav cause he's a NI) or other newcomer import QB. Tate has had a rough season injury wise and IMO he needs to stay relatively healthy next season or he risks being leapfrogged by Mitchell.

Saskatchewan - Durant, Willy, Brown. O'Sullivan is let go as Willy has gotten some reps this year and shows enough promise that they don't need a vet type guy, though still CFL newbie, such as him to stick. Though if he's not let go in the offseason and makes it to camp he could still stick as the #3 and give Brown another year to learn on the PR.

Odd men out - Glenn and Joseph. I would expect Glenn to land somewhere, not sure where though. Maybe back in Hamilton as a backup so he can be closer to his home base in Detroit? As a bomber fan I would prefer to stick with Pierce in the veteran backup role as he has already played in Crowton's system and had success, why bring in a vet to back up who would still need to learn a new system when you already have one who knows it. Pierce has already said he wants to play but would come back in any capacity the team wants him in. His competitiveness and his knowledge would only help push whoever ends up as the starter. Age and circumstance may leave Joseph on the outside looking in.

With Lulay signing a one year extension it leaves him as a free agent for the 014 season. It's possible that with a new TV contract that may double what the CFL receives now and that the salary cap could double and a team like Ottawa could offer Lulay a decent contract to stay in Canada.

Just a rough estimate I feel that Joey Elliot and Alex Brink have had 2 or so seasons now to prove themselves as starters in the this league and although young and have showed flashes I don't believe that Winnipeg sees them as potentinal starters anymore. With BC losing Rielly (unless they offer him a awesome contract) they're going to want a guy that is at least capable (Demarco isn't their yet) BC has produced some great QB's I thnk Brink would fit.

Also @Richard I have to agree with you on Mcpherson, that whole situation is hard to predict. I suppose Calvillo can Brett Favre it and head to Winnipeg :stuck_out_tongue: but in all seriousness in being a free agent he either retires or signs a 1 year deal. You have to think with losing the Semi Final in 2011 and East Final this year that the window closes in 2013. If McPherson is 25 then he can wait but you gotta remember he's 30 years old at this point can he really be more than a back up in the CFL?

To mikem:

You wrote "with a new TV contract that may double what the CFL receives and that the salary cap could double,,"

In order for the salary cap to double, the new TV contract would have to be roughly at $90.0 millions.

As I wrote before, I expect the new TV contract to range between $32.0 millions and $36.0 millions; if at $36.0 millions, the max, the salary cap would increse is by $1.0 million to $5.4 millions or close to +25%.


I will stick with just the starters for now. Looking to the back up spots i dont really know enough about there contracts as to who may go where and one move could cause a domino affect.

Montreal - Anthony Calivillo - Montreal has some positions to focus on and the other two parts of their team especially special teams. If Calivillo was not 40 no one would even be talking about him retiring. You dont usually get rid of 5,000 yard passing QBs that win divisons.

Hamilton - Henry Burris - No brainer

Toronto - Ricky Ray - no Brainer

Winnipeg - Joey Elliot - What a terrible situation there was in Winnipeg last year. Elliot did manage to be Offensive player of the week twice and played the BC Lions to the tilt showing a gutsy performance.

Edmonton - Adrian McPherson - Kerry Joseph had the most success as a QB in Edmonton but he does play his age and began to get worn by the end of the season. AD will allow the Esks to put in some running plays in for McPherson. Its been so long since he really got a chance I think a lot of people forget just how good he is and how his skill set is perfect for the CFL.

Saskatchewan - Darian Durant

Calgary - Drew Tate

BC - Travis Lulay

Jackson and Jyles will be out of the league time for retirement. Jyles for obvious reason and Jackson just did not play well enough in Rays absense and his specialty as a short yardage QB also is in Question as Toronto struggled with it at key times. to often the short yardage QB gets that yard on his own with sheer strength and determination.

Alex Brink - will be a sought after back up. He has played well when coming off the bench for Pierce. He has added some muscle since his first year which has made him a top short yardage QB. Also he looked good in running the Wildcat. The variety of skills he offers makes him a good number two for a team that does not plan for him to be a number one.

Quinton Porter - is another player who should find a job. The situation he was put in with Glenn going back and fourth was not a fair way to evaluate him at all. Burris took all snaps this year and Porter wants out.

Kerry Joseph - Kavis Reed loves Joseph and if McPherson does end up in Edmonton Reed may want him back to fill in for Mcpherson if injured as they have the same skill set.

Matt Nichols - Most likley will be back in Edmonton but I get the feeling that Reed just does not see him as a starter right now and wants a guy who knows the CFL game inside and out hence my prediction of McPherson in EDM. After last year I don't think that Reed could take another season of frustration as he did with Jyles. He was just Brutal.

Mike Reilly - Stays in BC most likely for at least another season. Will not go to Winnipeg which has the potential to be a disaster. The only team he would go to would be Montreal in a best case scenario the Calivillo comes back for a year and reilly takes over behind the best O line in the CFL.

JT O'Sullivan - A rather unique case as import QBs go. He hav certainly put his time in with the NFL and will draw quite a good pension with his number of years played. He knows the West coast offense and has been with so many teams so he has learned to adapt quickly. Toronto has a window with Ricky Ray grasping the West Coast offense under Milanovich to be a great team for 5 years. An injury to Ray this year almost cost the Argos the playoffs. Milanovich will not want to take that chance again bringing in a Vet to back up a vet until Trevoe Harris or even Zach Callaros can be further evaluated. O' Sullivan may be looking to stick around long enough to get a decent sencondary CFL pension to go along with his NFL pension. So Toronto may be a nice fit and O' Sullivan would play for an avg back ups Salary and would be fine with being a back up to Ricky Ray in Toronto.

Great topic to start the off season discussion...

Barring a Tillman-esque trade, I only see two teams with a new starting QB next year. Surely Winnipeg can't bring the Three Stooges back for an encore. Then again, anything nonsensical is possible with Joe Mack as the GM.

Wouldn't make any sense for the Bombers to bring back a career failure like Kevin Glenn, especially if they're going to pay Reilly or MacPherson to sign in Winnipeg. Bring in Glenn and there's an instant QB controversy the first time the young guy struggles.

If MacPherson leaves, Pierce might end up on Montreal - - that would be the ideal spot for him. Sit behind Calvillo for a year and clear his head.

I can see how everyone including Winnipeg woudld highly consider Reilly going to Winnipeg but will Reilly want to go to Winnipeg in what could be a potentially another disasterous season if they do not get some immedite help on the O line or would he be best to stay in BC for another season as this is reall the only season that he has even taken a snap in any professional football league. He is in a positionin BC which has no other QB with more than one season in Demarco where he could sign a one year extension with BC and wait another season for a better situation or even possibily sign with Montreal next season while AC comes back for one more seaason and McPherson signs with edmonton or if not he would be more desperate at his age to take any starting job and go to Winnipeg.
It is so hard to speculate because the slghtest unexpected move could cause a major domino affect with QBs around the league

I would agree for sure that Winnipeg should want nothing to do with Kevin Glenn at heis point. As a BB fan posted somewhere when Glenns name was mentioned in regrds to winnipeg in 2013 the quote was " Been there done that"

as much as I like lulay, I think some overrate him. I see posts on sites suggesting he will try the NFL. I dont think he would make it, but if he even went down and tried, that would give reilly a good shot at start in BC. I think he should, and would stay, just in case.

Some great posts so far... I think Area 51 among others are right about Glenn to Winnipeg not being ideal. That being said I still don't see all 3 (Brink, Elliot and Buck) being brought back. Especially with Goltz IMO with Winnipeg's bad O-Line why not take a swing at McPherson who is a mobile QB? You'll definetly have to bait him with a solid contract beacause who ever it is (Rielly or Mcpherson) They're leaving solid teams for a rebuilding one. If your a free agent QB looking to start Edmonton looks more appealing than anything. With the Fred Stamps being they guy there and Koch/Chambers emerging along with not one but 3 star runningbacks to fall on and a stout defense your looking at a good situation. Only problem is your going to find yourself in the most competative division ever.

Their is so much upside for Glenn, your getting a solid back up who can led his team to 12 wins altogether. The down side is you also get a guy that brings a QB controversy everywhere he goes. (Glenn-Dinwiddie in 08) (Glenn-Porter- 09-11) and this year with him and Tate when Tate got healthy..then got hurt again.

I agree I think reilly will stay for at least next year unless Montreal plans to sign him to back up Calivillo next year or two then take over in a Good organization with a great O Line system that keeps the O Line the tops in the league.
Lulay with the shoulder injury who knows how bad it is. Relly would know and if he can see Lulays shoulder as being something series to deal with next year and even further Reilly would much rather stay and QB BC. EDM would be a better situation if he were to make that quick leep to starter over Winnipeg but I think he waits unless EDM makes him an offer he cant refuse cause they are still a solid team and really were only missing a QB. Going to WIN for Reilly would be a mistake as they could be in even more disaray next year.

I still beleive that McPherson is the fit in Edmonton a younger version of Joseph with a strong cast around him and would be up for the challenge in the tough west division. Kavis Reed does not want to go through another year of uncertainty at QB which Jyles was and proved to be a disaster. Was much more congortable with Joseph because he new that Joseph could lead the ESKS but he did show his age and wore down by the end of the season. You kinda Know that you are getting with McPherson who has been groomed to be a starter and has a great skill set with running and passing. A classic stlye CFL QB
Reilly is still basically unproven as he just saw his first pro action in any league last year.

Don't forget Adarius Bowman will be back after missing this whole season(and leading the Esks in receiving in 2011). He's still only 27 or so IIRC.