Predicting the Argo Announcement Date

Anyone want to predict the day of the Argo announcement?

My guess, Friday May 15th.

Early in the week, they will announce a Special Announcement in Toronto for the end of the week. Everyone will know what it is but they will need time to build anticipation. On Friday, the Commissioner, the head of MLSE and David Braley will announce the purchase of the Argos and the lease at BMO beginning in 2016.

I'll vote for Monday, May 11th. The NHL playoffs are taking Monday off, so it'll be a slow sports news day. The BJ's are playing on the road and TFC will have had their BMO grand opening on Sunday. So the decks will be clear for Monday. If there's still some snags to work out, the announcement could be delayed until Tues, Wed or Thurs of next week.

I am going to say Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The one reason it may not happen on Tuesday is because of fear that it would overshadow the draft that night. I don't think it will happen on Monday because MLSE will want one day for TFC and its fans to bask in the glory of the renovated stadium.

Totally agree.
I don't think they will crash TFC's "New BMO Field" celebration too fast for fear of pissing them off after the highlight of their season.

Hilight of their existence... They will fail to draw 10 k for the rest tof their pathetic existence. Chances are that even tomorrow they will draw under 20000 but announce a sell out

Oh yippee!!! Another Argo stadium thread . :roll:

You could just ignore it, no?

Agree, respect will be shown to TFC and it's fans and that is the way it should be. It's not a competition from that aspect from the CFL, and shouldn't be. The CFL doesn't have a bone to grind at all with TFC or the MLS. And I'm sure am wishing them all the best as am I. The more BMO is touted as an excellent venue, the better the reputation of the stadium is for the Argos playing there and maybe a Grey Cup at some point. I'm sure Leaf fans feel the same, they want to see BMO touted as a super facility, makes playing winter outdoor games there so much the better.

I know I have come across as anti-TFC on this board but that is just me getting all riled up over some TFC fans that are disrespectful but in truth, I have nothing agains't TFC at all and as I say, wishing them all the success in the MLS.

Why not steal their thunder. Rogers didn't mind doing that during Grey Cup week when it was in Toronto in 2012, announcing a "major" trade with the Blew Jays and Miami. Turnabout is fair play as they used to say.

If the deal is done, I say let it go. People are getting to know Rogers and how they operate and I think it's best for the CFL and Argos to take the high road and show more class than Rogers.

If a deal is done, it would not surprised me if the announcement is made this Monday or Tuesday, even if Tuesday is draft day.


Speaking of thunder rcon - they are calling for thunderstorms about game time for the TFC game today (and it is raining right now here in Hamilton) - so I'm guessing that yes you will see a bunch of empty seats at the sold out BMO this afternoon/evening with some casual/corporate ticket fans being no-shows if the weather is bad or threatening at game time.

Won't it be nice if the Argos can soon have a day like both the Jays and TFC are having today with both having sold out games this Mother's Day afternoon.

As for the announcement I'm leaning towards Thursday of this week - after TFC play their Wednesday night Amway game against Montreal at BMO. Next weekend they are on the road and not home until the following weekend on May 23rd - so lots of time for the more hot and hard headed TFC fans to cool down after the news before the next TFC home game.

Inside the dome today I bet is going to be like a sauna.

The fact that pretty much every Total FN Crap game has rain is just proof that God is a CFL fan

Too bad it didn't rain today.

I think rain is in the forecast, though. Hopefully those cry babies get soaked....and struck with lightning

It is. Suppose to rain all evening. :thup:

Rain can make for a good atmosphere for a sport like football. Not baseball but football. Soccer, no idea though to be honest.

Lots of empty seats at that game too and it appeared as though many of them remained unfilled for the entire game, especially in the upper deck facing the cameras. What amazed me is that by the climax of the game, half of the stadium appeared to be empty.

A thread on CFL Forum that morphed from something about the CFL into bashing other leagues and/or sports teams.
Gee, THAT never happens. :roll:

I guess I'll head over to a TFC forum or Blue Jays forum to talk CFL.