Predicting Grey Cup Locations From 2020 To 2026

But it gives the impression that Google owns the Grey Cup. “Grey Cup presented by Google” is better.

As I understand it, Hamilton gets the Grey Cup as soon as they make a bid for it. (This will have to be a joint bid between the Ticats and the City of Hamilton, and with the city council Hamilton has right now, we could be looking at a few more decades. This election can’t get here soon enough!)

Why does the City of Hamilton have to be part of the bid?
Is that the same with bids from other cities?

Of course you need the cooperation of the city in a grey cup bid. The grey cup is more than just a game in a stadium. Several venues have to be rented for all the festivities and the team parties, streets closed off for the street festival. Parking and transportation issues have to be dealt with. Indoor practice facility has to be held incase the teams want 1 indoor practice as the teams fly in on Tuesday. When you are taking over indoor soccer facilities, trade centers you are ousting out the ones that would use it for up to 2 weeks.

If I was an owner and it meant big bucks, I wouldn’t care.

As a fan, if it kept the 9 teams in the black, I wouldn’t care.

They bid for 2019…never got that.

I’m pretty sure you’re mistaken. They have been unable to bid due to litigation between the team and the city. They probably declared an interest, but due to the lawsuit had to pull out.
These legal issues were settled just recently, and I’m pretty sure I remember the commissioner stating that, since they haven’t hosted since 1996, once Hamilton is prepared to make a bid, the game is theirs (obviously as long as the bid is a legitimate one.)
Will they be ready for 2020? I’d be surprised.

5 more years and the Toronto Argonauts are 150 years old. They were suppose to get another GC so that works.