Predicting Grey Cup Locations From 2020 To 2026

Set :

2018 - Edmonton
2019 - Calgary

Prediction :

2020 - Hamilton - iffy
2021 - Vancouver
2022 - Toronto
2023 - Saskatchewan
2024 - Montreal
2025 - Winnipeg
2026 - Ottawa

Was it 2 or 3 times that Toronto was promised hosting rights in a 10 year span in the sales deal? I believe it was 2.

At any rate, Montreal, Edmonton and Toronto are hosting FIFA in 2026. It doesn't sound like there is a need for them to do qualifiers, but one would think they will participate. As a part of that, we would see money put into these facilities. BMO, for example, is expanding to 45000 for the tournament.

Is it possible that they postpone that 2nd cup one year to take advantage of that expanded capacity? Would seem ideal, but perhaps not. If not, then I could see them getting 2020 and 2026. Would be a shame to miss out on that opportunity.

I think the above dictates a lot. Also, I don't see Montreal getting it until Olympic stadium has its repairs completed. IIRC the roof is a go, but there is still a lot internally that needs to be done. Surely part of that is within the FIFA bid. My understanding is that their present stadium is not realistic to expand to host a cup, so somewhere between 2025 and 2027 seems more likely.

I can say that the Riders pulled bid for 2019 due to volunteer burnout. They had interest in it, but they had a string of big events, and it is the same nucleus that often works on those. I don't know what the next couple of years look like, but would suspect that they would be looking at 2020 or 2021 and chasing it pretty hard.

My guess...

2020 - Toronto
2021 - Saskatchewan
2022 - Hamilton
2023 - Vancouver
2024 - Winnipeg
2025 - Montreal
2026 - Toronto

My guess I can see Hamilton soon maybe 2020 .

2021 Saskatchewan with the new stadium it makes sense .

2022 Vancouver maybe with the sale of team .

2023 Halifax ? if they enter 2020 .

2024 Montreal if they fix the big O

2025 Winnipeg will be due about then

2026 Toronto with FIFA temporary expansion

Don’t want to see Ottawa again without putting some money into a few things surprised no second screen for the other end as a legacy structure , No improvements made to sell the game with some structure improvement since opening the new and improved Lansdowne .

I thought Ottawa was perfect…was the best organized grey cup ever and I came from BC

This exercise makes as much sense as picking the Grey Cup champions over the same period. ::slight_smile:

Such a bitter poster. ::slight_smile:

I bet it goes back to Ottawa before it returns to Toronto.

Of course, if Bell and Tanenbaum were guaranteed hosting rights within a certain time frame as part of their agreement to buy the Argos, that could change things . . . assuming they’d still actually want to go through with it.

I believe, though, that this year and next the Cup is being organized (or at least revenues are being divided) through the league rather than through the individual teams. Will they revert back after 2019?

Re : “assuming they’d still actually want to go through with it.”


Re : I believe, though, that this year and next the Cup is being organized (or at least revenues are being divided) through the league rather than through the individual teams. Will they revert back after 2019?

Why did they do that?

Definitely need to put some time in and push it back to 2026 . That’s 8 years away for Toronto . Lots can happen in that time frame . Hopefully by then they have made in roads to escaping from fan apathy . Also being the centre of the universe you have to make it work . The 2012 Cup looked so much better than 2016 Cup in optics and apathy .

The problem might have been not enough time in-between games and the year was too crowded in the area with big events .

Ottawa is a place you don’t want to make too familiar . You need to put some time between hosting . If you do that they will respond well . Ottawa is a funny place and you need to make sure the venture is seen as special and not just a regular occurrence . The 1988 Cup then 2004 and 2017 had enough time in-between to make the game stand out in the community .

Need to space them out nicely .

Montreal needs to host before too long that is an area of the country that requires some Grey Cup Love regularly .

Halifax within a few years of entering the league would want and should host a Cup .

Saskatchewan and the new stadium will be ready to host again in a few years .

Hamilton should host one soon as their stadium is now ready for such an enterprise and 1996 is a distant memory . The wait has been long .

Saskatchewan is bidding on 2020 cup.

The potential issue with Toronto in 2026 is knowing what the exact details in the sale were. It was said that 2 hostings was a part of it, now it is a matter of what timeframe that was within. I think it was 2 times in 10 years, but there could have been more to it than that. Either way, the sale was in 2015, so it would appear the latest they could host again would be 2025 to meet that deal. Would they be willing to push that back a year if it meant reaping rewards of expanded seating synergies and renovations from FIFA? Maybe. There are apparent hurdles to getting there for sure.

To spread the wealth, I think.

It would help improve revenue certainty for all teams to get an annual injection of funds from the Cup rather than having to wait x-number of years so they can host and reap a potentially huge windfall. And it would help revenues for teams that can't/won't/shouldn't be hosting for long periods of time (like Hamilton and Montreal . . . and perhaps Toronto).


Sounds like a great idea! Question is tho :

Why are they reverting back in 2019?

I think sharing Grey Cup profits is a terrific idea. It could easily be the difference between a team losing money and breaking even.

I love seeing the League using everything at their disposal to maximize revenue - whether it is advertising in this forum or selling the naming rights to the Grey Cup. These ideas were long overdue.

I remember, years ago, I floated the idea of selling the Grey Cup naming rights in this forum. The “purists” had a fit!!! Well, it is going on a couple years now and the League is better off because of it.

Off by a year .

Thought Hamilton would go after it before them .

They haven't sold the naming rights. "presented by" is not the same as selling the naming rights...not even close.

Yeah, I thought it would be the Riders going after it unless the Argos made the pitch like I suggested, there-in getting another in 2026 for the FIFA synergies.

Nobody said Hamilton is not bidding on it.

Exactly! 'The Grey Cup presented by Pepsi' is a lot different than 'The Pepsi Cup'

The former I can tolerate, the latter is atrocious.

It is close. Very close.

Heck, there were posters who didn't even want "presented by". ::slight_smile:

No one ever said The Pepsi Cup. That's silly.

The Google Grey Cup had a nice ring to it.