Predicted Roster and cuts as of June 5- Comments Appreciated

Roster prediction as of Thurd June 5 .

QB Printers , Williams
RB Lumsden , Caulley
SB Baumann , E. Jackson ( French could knock off Baumann ) - extra - JJ Walker
WR Ponder , Miles , Mitchell or Carter
RT Woodard
LT Thomas
RG Hudson ( Bekasiuk )
LG Gagne - Marceux ( Dyakowski)

DE Keith , King
DE Mckay -Loescher
DT Dominic Lewis , Wayne
DT Alex Guererro - Reid
SAM - LB Knowlton , Robinson
MLB Moreno , Kinney
MLB Mariuz , Botterill
CB Mitchell , Gordon
CB Bradley , Carlyle
HB Robinson , Mayes
HB Thompson ,
S Glasper , Barker

Expected cuts :

Chang QB
Porter QB
Siskowic LB
Sanders DB
Cavka OT
Piercy FB
Kordic DB
Tre Smith RB
Woodcock SB
Dickerson DT
M. Roberts DB
Alston OT
Davis OT
Knight WR
P. Rodriguez WR
E.Cohen WR
Tisdale DB
BO Smith DB
D. Adams DT

Lavigne Masse and J. Williams as extras

Rodriguez will not be cut because of his natural ability, he is very raw, but could pan out in the future. I don't think Dickerson will be cut. From what i have heard Cavka has been doing well and Siskowic has been doing all right but is an athletic freak. I don't think Porter will be cut as of yet as Leak isn't ready. I believe Carlyle has already been cut.

I believe Carlyle has already been cut.
He make room for Leak.

I see Carlyle is still on the roster .

if you think Dickerson will make the team as a d-lineamn do you think he is big enough to play DT ? we alreasdy have enought better DE's .

Siskowic looks like a big guy but he has to beat out Kinney and I can't see tht happening .

Just because coach Taffe says a few good words about someone doesn't give him a roster spot . Rodriguez is tall but he has no past success even in college..the other guys ..mitchell , carter, ponder are pretty tall too and have a lot of past success and in the NFL AS WELL .

I think Setta has a good chance to make the roster as well

Zemaitis will be there too.

sorry i forgot setta that is a given :slight_smile:

As for Zemaitis as he played at all yet ?
I just figured the injury was putting him out of the picture.

I hope OBIE goes out and get a defensive Tackle with CFL experience ..

I think that you will see a fullback-capable tight end/receiver kept on the roster or acquired via waivers or trade. The fullback position is not going to be featured much in the new offense as I understand it, but there is going to be someone who can line up as one in short yardage situations and 2 TE sets. Dickerson certainly could fulfill that if kept, perhaps moonlighting on both sides of the ball (being a DE mainly).

Oski Wee Wee,

Please stop this madness!

8) Amen to that comment !!!!!

Zemaitis, Carlyle cut.

and a 3rd DB, Tyrone Sanders

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QB Printers , Williams
Why would we only keep 2 qb's? I think we will keep three... Maybe even keep the fourth on the practise roster.

Having only 2 qb’s is just bad logic, in a position where a player can get hurt very easily!

8) You are so right "ticatschick4". I can't wait to hear his explanation for this one !!!!! :roll:

I like your roster...except I believe we will keep 3 Q.B.s Porter will be #3

I think its silly plain and simple to cut your potiential 3rd and 4th QB's before they have even played an exhibition game..ticatschick4 is exactly right, injuries happen all too easy every team should carry at least 3 QB's

CFL roster rules allocate 3 QB spots. So every team carries 3 QB's and MAYBE one more on practice roster