Predicted projected roster and depth chart

Thanks Atlanticfan. It look less likely that Breaux would come out of retirement knowing the information you provided. He appears busy and likely making some good money. That book of his could make some good money . They should have a special or documentary on his courageous miracle recovery from being a Louisiana Statewide top DB prospect and headed to LSU to career ending crippling spinal injury.
Then he never gave up and fought hard to rehab and go to the CFL to start a comeback and excelled as an immediate all-star and shut down corner and caught the attention of the NFL NEW Orleans Saints .

He then tried out and made the team as a starter for a few years only to come back and to dominate the CFL again creating a no fly zone in his area earning reputation as the best shut down corner and CFL all-star for multiple years.

Yes Bobo82 , I think I am on to something. I am certain June Jones convinced him that he could be a star in the CFL and convinced Ticats management as well.

His numbers were great and he looked great doing it as well :
I can see him at least making the practice squad to learn the offence.

XFL Houston Highlights

Virginia Tech highlights:

114 showing up at Training camp after no football for over a year and a half
I think a huge amount of those players especially rookies,
won't pass the day one physical at camp
That 114 will get narrowed down to 80 quickly

The NCAA players and any NFL cuts, would’ve played football up to 6 months ago.
It’s the CFL players and CIS players that haven’t played in 18 months

By my count there would only be 101 jersey numbers available 0, 00, 1 - 99. They could always play shirts and skins (but Loni Anderson is not on the team (for all of you WKRP fans - tis a sad day in Cinncinati - Herb Tarlick (Frank Bonner) passed away).


Further to my review of the roster, about 10 posts previous in this thread, there are 2 players, among the 114, who I'm not sure are contracted TiCats. AM DB Maurice Carnell IV and AM LB Anthony Wint both took the cancelled season opt-out of their contracts on August 31/20. Unlike other players who opted-out, they have never been shown, on, as being re-signed, since.


My memory's a bit hazy, but aren't the numbers for the first day of Training Camp 75 players plus "non-counters" such as draft picks, players returning for a final year at university, and "developmental" players (amature football, USports QBs, coach's son, etc)? Edit - According to 3DN, the TC roster is capped at 100 players, with all the non-counters as part of that
If so, it seems to me that a large number of cuts need to be made before players go into isolation. It would be pretty $#!tty if a player quarantined for a week, made the trip up here, quarantined for a FURTHER week, and be cut before he even sees the field.
The Riders, at least, are not going to be playing favouritism: Riders HC Craig Dickenson predicts ‘surprise cuts,’ warns unprepared players are ‘not going to last’ training camp | 3DownNation where if you're not physically ready to play, you won't last long at TC. This reminds me of what happened with Filer at the beginning of the 2019 season, when he was demoted because of being too out-of-shape.

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I think this might happen to a lot of veterans. Not playing for over a year, and locked down, there will be some very out of shape athletes that'll show up for TC. I fully expect the Ticats to field the best team possible. I will be sad for the ones cut due to their physical shape.

Not to mention but a lot of these guys are now 2 yrs older and haven't played ball or done anything physical since 2019 . You got to figure that for a lot of players who were in the 30-32 yr range or older in 2019 that all that time off could come back to bite them in the arse. I'm thinking that we might see more than a few surprise cuts league wide before we officially kick-off the 2021 season .

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So we are likely to see the ex-NCAA guys that actually played in bowl games last December and any NFL cuts that may have played in January come out on top.
Also there will be a number of Spring League guys too that played recently.
Yes could be some surprise cuts.

The Cats are a veteran team . I doubt there will be many changes on the starting teams . Why would you change a 16 - 4 team in 2019 ? Now tweaking is a different matter . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the aged dude)

There certaily SHOULD be veteran cuts if they show up out-of-shape. The season is too short to keep players who need to trim down or get better cardio.

|2021-06-18|HAM|ZAMORT, Ron|DB|N|Western Michigan|Transfer To|Retired|

|2021-06-18|HAM|KOROL, Lukas|LB|N|Guelph|Transfer To|Retired|
|2021-06-18|HAM|VAN PELT, Joel|DL|N|Calgary|Transfer To|Retired|
|2021-06-15|HAM|FISHER, Jaelin|OL|A|Charlotte|Add To|Active Roster|
|2021-06-14|HAM|BRYANT, Brandon|DB|A|Mississippi State|Transfer To|Retired|
|2021-06-14|HAM|BERTOLET, Taylor|K|A|Texas A&M|Add To|Active Roster|
|2021-06-14|HAM|LAWLEY, Sheriden|DL|N|UBC|Transfer To|Retire|

Is the retired list being used to stockpile players that can re-appear at a later date ? In the old days , Hal Patterson and Bobby Kuntz retired only to return for a playoff push .

Pat Lynch (the old person)


Here is a short article on the only player on your list (Lukas Korol) who actually saw some game time as a Cat announcing his retirement.

From 3-D Nation...Canadian linebacker Lukas Korol announces retirement from Ticats, CFL | 3DownNation


Thanks for sharing the Korol story, bobo82. It shows that his early retirement is legit, while some, here and around the league, may not be. Registering a player as "retired," basically keeps him from choosing to play for any other team during the time period covered by the contract he's retiring from. After that, a retired player would, legally, be a free agent and could choose to resume his playing career anywhere.

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Just a follow up here . I just took a look at the current roster and thought I might share the fact that we currently have a dozen veteran players who are 30 or older going into TC or will have a birthday during the season .

Furthermore approximately 10 of these 12 players are slated for starting roles or were starters in 2019 .

Here's the list :

C. Van Zeyl - ot (age 37)
B.Banks - wr (age 33)
T. Laurent - dt (age 33)
J.Masoli - qb (age 33)
S. Lawrence - lb (age 32)
M. Filer - c (age 31)
J. Rolle - db (age 31)
D. Posey - wr (age 31)
C. Stephen - db (age 31)
M . Daly - db (age 31)
J. Davis - de (age 30)
C. Brooks - db (age 30)


These are prime physical years for the majority of the players. This also means that their window can close quickly...

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I think the extra Argo games are to save money.


Yes indeed . The ancient rivalry also aids attendance in Toronto and Hamilton . That's a win / win .

Pat Lynch (the dude of many age rings)

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The Argos need the Ticat games, brings in thousands of Hamilton fans. For Ticat fans the BMO games are like another home game. It's a win for both teams