Predicted projected roster and depth chart

Just say last season instead of last year. ;o)


That would go a long way in erasing 2020 from our memories... lol

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Speaking of last season or 2019 if you like I was checking out our gameday roster for the last game we played before this pandemic mess stole our season last year .

That game was for us unfortunately the forgettable Grey Cup game where we forgot to show up against the Bombers .

A lot of things have changed since then with the team as I was surprised to see that there is a total of eight starters (4 on O / 4 on D ) no longer with the club . In addition there is also a further 6 players from the active Cup roster who have since departed .

You can also add an additional 5 players who were on the IL for that game .
So you add it all up and that makes 19 players total no longer wearing the Black 'n' Gold going into this season .

Here is the list....

Active for the Grey Cup

Starters on Defence

D.Breaux - cb retired
R. Leonard - db free agent signed with Calgary
J. Tuggle - mlb free agent signed with Edmonton
R.Murray -Sam retired


J.Langa -lb/db free agent not re-signed
J. McGough - de free agent signed with Calgary
D.Dean - dt retired

Starters on Offence

R.Mathews - ot free agent signed with B.C.
M.Jones - wr free agent signed with Edmonton
L.Tasker - sb free agent not re-signed
T.Sutton - rb retired

Back-ups / Specials

A.Coombs -sb/rb free agent signed with Ottawa
L. Hajrullahu - p/k free agent currently un-signed
A.Crawford -ls released signed with Calgary

IL Players

N.Shortill -lb free agent signed with Toronto
C.Marshall - rb not re-signed
A.Tracy - de free agent signed with Montreal retired
T.Mitchell - db released
J.Moore - lb released

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I think we may see Adeleke at SAM and possibly Evans at safety

Hajrullahu was named the Spring League player of the week back in May.
I expect he will be signed again by the Panthers or another team.

I wouldn't want to be the receivers coach and try to evaluate the 21 WRs on the roster.

I feel the Ticats will go with an American at one of the offensive tackle spots with Trevor Tate being the front runner.
I also feel that Breaux may surprise us all and come back out of retirement for a shortened 14 game season and Grey Cup in the Hammer. It all depends on why he retired . If he retired to move on with his life and has a good job now then he likely won't return but if he doesn't have a great job he just might come back.

I can see Chris Frey winning the MLB starting position over Santos-Knox .
Kameron Kelly , Tyree Robinson, Donavan Olumba, Brad Stewart, and Nelson Patrick could all push Beverette at SAM and Rolle to replace Breaux at weak side Corner.
I can see ex XFL leading receiver Cam Phillips making the team as a receiver at the expense of Marcus Tucker and others
5 American receivers Banks, Addison, Acklin, Posey, Cam Phillips

I can see super athletic QB J'mar Smith QB taking the 3rd QB spot as the future Ticats QB. He may even allow us to trade 1 of our starting QB'S Evans or Masoli.

Let's not forget potential ratio buster National DE Mason Bennett and future safety / SAM and great special teams player National big hitter DB Stavros Katsantonis
Feltimate and Newton may both stuck around at LB as will Burt and Kalinic at FB/ TE
and special teams for all 4 of them .

I think Ciraco will we see time at center with Okafor , Gibbon, Woodmansay all competing to eventually replace Ciraco at guard and Van Zeyl at OT

Did anyone else notice how strange the 14 game schedule is for the Ticats . We play much improved beloved Argos 4 times but only 2 times against Montreal and Ottawa .
We only play 4 western teams randomly at home or away but we randomly play Sask twice. I guess the 4 Argo games are to generate interest .

[quote] 5 American receivers Banks, Addison, Acklin , Posey , Graham

I agree with the 5 American receivers but just one question....who is Graham ?

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No receiver with that (first or last) name on the current roster. Talk about flying under the radar! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The rest of G-bears post is spot on when it comes to player's names and positions with the exception of this Graham fella . Maybe he knows something that the rest of us don't know ?

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A story form his hometown New Orleans:

"Upon retirement, Breaux looks to make an impact as a public speaker, entrepreneur and Cannabis advocate. Breaux began an apparel brand over the pandemic that he owns alongside his three-year old son called "BreauxShow". He also released his debut book, an autobiography, UNBREAUXKEN: The Story of Delvin Breaux in December of 2020. You can buy your copy HERE.

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And here is where you can order it on for all those Canadians out there:

I wonder if could look into making his autobiography available? DB the DB was much loved while playing for Hamilton. I hope he feels that Hamilton is his other place of birth - as he came back from his horrible neck injury after not playing university ball - so his football career was re-born here.

Looking at our current roster as of today shows if accurate a bloated 112 players . I can't help thinking that more than a few won't be making it to T.C. and the total will be trimmed down and thinned out between then and now .

So anyway with all that being said I thought I would provide everybody a position by position breakdown of whose who by the numbers .


DB - 23 players....5 CAN.....18 USA..........9 veterans.....14 rookies
LB - 16 players.....6 CAN....10 USA..........6 veterans.....10 rookies
DE - 12 players....3 CAN....8 USA..1 G.....5 veterans......7 rookies
DT - 6 players.....2 CDN...4 USA.............4 veterans......2 rookies


QB - 6 Players....0 CDN.....6 USA............4 veterans......2 rookies
RB - 6 players....3 CDN.....3 USA............4 veterans.......2 rookies
RE -22 players...4 CDN....18 USA...........9 veterans......13 rookies
OL- 14 players...9 CDN....5 USA...........7 veterans.......7 rookies
FB/TE - 2 players....2 CDN.....0 USA.....1 veteran.......1 rookie


K - 2 players.....1 CDN......1 USA............1 veteran.........1 rookie
LS - 2 players....2 CDN....0 USA............0 veterans.......2 rookies


I don't see why not. We have the depth with Cross and Bennett could practice on both sides of the ball.

It's not accurate, but the number of players is not far off. The listed 112, includes NAT OL Sheriden Lawley and AM LBs Joe Powell and Brandon Bryant, who have, all, been registered at "retired." And, the roster, on, does not include 2 recently signed AMs, PK Taylor Bertolet and OL Jaelin Fisher and 3, announced as signed, Global draftees -- Australian P Joel Whitford, DL Chris Mulumba from Finland, and LB David Izinyon from Great Britain. So, subtact 3 and add 5, for an accurate total of 114.


I think some of them will need to go without helmets until the first round of cuts. Fortunately, there may not be any contact in training camp, if I read this correctly:

Key elements of the framework include: private COVID-19 screening and testing, assigned cohorts with limited or no interaction between different cohorts; practice, training and competition protocols; accommodation, travel, and transportation services protocols; and individual control measures when not training or competing such as physical distancing and the use of face coverings.

Sport minister Lisa MacLeod releases return-to-play framework for pro teams in Ontario, including CFL franchises | 3DownNation

Yes Bobo, about 6 to 10 players will be cut before training camp starts . Likely receivers and db's as they have far too many .

I predict the following won't make it to camp :

American db's

Jamon Dotson
Ronald Zamort
Daniel Brown

American receivers

Damoun Patterson
Marcus Green
Nehari Crawford

Thanks for the update and clarification on discrepancies on the currently listed roster . With so many bodies coming and going it must be quite the challenge for those that are trying to update the roster on a daily basis .

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Thanks Bobo82.

The players name is not Graham it is Cam Phillips. He played 5 games for June Jones Houston XFL team leading the league by a landslide in all receiving stats. I know it's only 5 games but he also bounced around a few NFL teams as bad a great University career and likely came highly regarded by June Jones. I am sure our management communicated with June on this guy. His XFL highlights look great as do his University film.

Here is his stats from his short stay in the ill fated XFL . I got to admit 9 tds in 5 games is quite impressive . Considering that it was slated to be a 10 game schedule he was on pace for 18 on the season .

He also went off in a game vs TB where he had 8 catches for 194 yds and 3 tds.

His name might not be Graham but you may be on to something there . :slightly_smiling_face: