Predicted projected roster and depth chart

Okay now that we finally have the official word on a season this year I thought it would be a fun little project to predict how our gameday roster and depth chart might shake out as .

I went strictly by who is currently showing on the off season roster currently posted on the team's home page . My list does not include PR / Taxi/Reserve players as God only knows how it will all shake down with covid restrictions and protocol as to how many extra players the league will allow . It's also of course barring unforeseen injuries and no shows at camps etc .

Anyways for what it's worth , here goes nothing . Discuss amongst yourselves and feel free to agree /disagree /add/subtract and to point out discrepancies .

I'm figuring that with the short time frame and no pre-season games slated that we will probably most likely go with what we know and that there will be few rookies and newbies making the final cut to start the season . Starters are listed first with back-ups listed in brackets .

Predicted GAME DAY ROSTER ...


qb.....J.Masoli / D.Evans
rec....B.Banks/J.Acklin/B.Addison/D.Posey/M.Tucker (D.Ungerer/B.Jones)
rb.....S.T.Erlington (M.Irons/J.Bennett/D.Jackson)
fb/te..N.Kalinic/ J.Burt
g......D.Ciraco /B.Revenberg (J.Gibbons)
t......C.Van Zeyl / K.Okafor ( C. Woodmansey)


de....J.Davis / J.Howsare (L.Mauldin/V.Gnahaugha)
dt....T.Laurent/ D.Wynn (B.Wade)

wlb...S.Lawrence (C.Newton)
mlb..J.Santos-Knox ( C.Frey)
slb...T.Beverette (N.Cross)

hb..C.Evans (Q.Ford)
s...T.Adeleke (M.Daly/C.Stephen)




I think the Ticats would be smart to give whomever is the back up QB at least 3 or 4 scheduled starts regardless how the other guy is doing. This is just my opinion . In a perfect world they both start 7 games and we go 14-0.


That would suit me just fine . That's why I didn't list which one might be the starter for the season .


I think Feltmate over Newton

Oh Bobo , you are the Man ! I can now scratch this wish off my bucket list . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the aged dude)

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I don’t think Don Jackson will be that far down the depth chart. Wouldn’t surprise me if he starts at RB and STE plays slot

That is 7 Canadians on Offence, with a further 2 on Defence. I'm not sure if they will start 9 Canadians, but it does show our "National" depth that we could if we wanted, or needed to.


Actually I had Feltmate on my original draft of the roster but upon further count realized with roster restrictions this year that I was a few players over the limit .

I chose to go with Newton only because of familiarity and the fact that J.R loves him on specials . I'm thinking that Feltmate starts out on the PR but gets into some game action later in the year .


One thing is for sure and the team has already stated their intentions. Darius Ciraco will be the starting centre with Mike Filer as the back-up.

Well if that is indeed the case then the updated projection for the O-Line would look something like this then .

c....D.Ciraco (M.Filer)
t...C.Van Zeyl
t...K.Okafor (C.Woodmansey)

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I’m thinking they will start an American at the other offensive tackle spot opposite Van Zeyl. Possibly Trevon Tate. But I’d love to see Okafor turn into a starter.

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Where did you hear that? Today they signed an American centre

Well that's entirely possible . At present time the roster is showing 4 American candidates signed up for T.C.

Trevon Tate . 6'4" 295 lbs . Played 1 games for Cats in 2019 season
Scottie Dill . 6'7" 295 lbs . Rookie
Justin Powers . 6'3" 295 lbs . Rookie
Travis Vornkahl . 6'6" 298 lbs . Rookie

Doubt it, STE proved before the injury that he deserves to start at RB. That play where he hurdled the defender in the open field was just WOW. Jackson might come in every once in a while and they may take out either Burt or Kalinic and stick STE in the slot. I think Jackson is here in case we lose STE for a long period of time again.

Highly doubt Jackson is an insurance policy

The nice thing about Jackson and STE is they’re both similar style players. From what I’ve seen they both catch the ball well and can make guys miss in the open field. I would say they split a fair bit of snaps between them and keep the other guy fresh. Jackson may be a bit more stocky but I’m not sure either one is built to take a full season of pounding. They’ve also got Maleek Irons who can be a bit more of a power runner and didn’t look too out of place starting last year.

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Jackson could be a DI who comes into the games in some situations; Erlington is for real at RB and Irons is a good one too.

Wouldn't be surprised to see them tempted to go with 5 import receivers in the 5 pack; with Burt or Kalinic playing part-time roles as H-back who replace a starting 5 pack receiver for situations.

4 NI O-linemen + a Canadian staring RB is 5 for offence; and then a safety and Laurent at DT makes 2 on D, to get to the 7 only Canadian starters that pre-determined CFL thinking dictates most of the time; really doubt they go with 2 NI OTs; Feltmate should be given a real shot to win the vacant MLB job.

Jovan Santos Knox is the MLB

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Based on what? - his previous average to mediocre CFL play ?

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Fixed it for you (I think this will be a common occurrence among all fans, due to the unusual pandemic non-season last year). I know I'll likely be guilty myself, once or twice this year. :wink: :+1:

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