predicted picks for Cats year end Awards

Okay all you Cat fans with the season end fast approaching and Award nominees to be announced shortly,the question is just who do you think will garner team nominations for the Cats ?

For what it's worth here are my selections: Agree ? Disagree ? Let's see your nominations for this years Top Cats :rockin: :smiley:

MOP: Zach Collaros
O-L: Brian Simmons
DEF: Eric Norwood (should be East Finalist)
CDN: Andy Fantuz
ROOK:Taylor Reed
SPEC : Brandon Banks

MOP: Collaros
OL: Simmons
DEF: Lawrence (torn on this one)
CDN: Laurent
Rookie: Hall
ST: Medlock

I was also thinking Laurent would also be a good choice for CDN and he will probably garner some votes and might even win outright as our nominee
I absolutely LOVE Bryan Hall,have since I first saw him earlier on,the thing is though is that he played 5 games in the NFL with the Ravens the year they won the Super Bowl,therefore I don't think he qualifies under league rules as being eligible for the Rookie Award. Surprisingly the Cats have quite a few rookies in their lineup this season,but very few of them have started for any length of time if at all,the exception being Reed. I wasn't entirely sold on him in the beginning but he has improved steadily as the season has moved along. The only other Rook that I would think might garner some votes might be Madu,but he's only started a handful of games this season and although he has showed well when in there,I think his sample size might not be big enough overall.
Medlock was also considered by me and I wouldn't be surprised if he is indeed nominated over Banks.
As for Defense IMO the way that Norwood has come on and literally exploded in the 2nd half of the season,I think he is a hands down pick and should win the Eastern nomination. Lawrence though has had another outstanding season and if not for Norwood would garner some consideration from me along with Murray for the honours this season.
I see we do agree though on MOP (Collaros) and O-Linemen (Simmons) :smiley: Anybody else have different nominees or opinions?Let's hear them :cowboy: OSKI-WEE-WEE !!!!!

Goodness -- I sure hope not

LMAO !!!!!! Norwood has blown up quite a few rival QB's lately :smiley: :smiley: KA-BOOM !!!!!!

Unless Norwood spontaneously combusted in the second half of the season -- resulting in him being unable to play due to no longer being alive -- he did not, in point of fact, literally explode. Figuratively, he absolutely exploded. :slight_smile:

LOL !!!! Well okay then,let's just say that figuratively speaking Norwood should be the pick to represent the East as Best Defensive Player this season. :slight_smile: :thup:

KA-BOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :lol:

I'll throw my two cents in here;

Most Outstanding Player = Zach Collaros
Most Outstanding OLineman = Brian Simmons
Most Outstanding Defensive Player = Simoni Lawrence
Most Outstanding Canadian = Ted Laurent
Most Outstanding Rookie = Nic Grigsby
Most Outstanding Special Teams = Justin Medlock

Questions & thoughts.

  1. Will the coaching staff nominate Grigsby as their ROTY? That's the question. He's had the best rookie season overall but with another team mostly.

  2. If Norwood continues on his current place, he'll get DPOTY. But if he slows at all, it'll be Lawrence.

  3. With Fantuz set to miss some more games, I see Laurent getting the Most Outstanding National Non-Import Canadian.

  4. It'll be close between Banks & Medlock. I believe Austin will reward Medlock for consistency. Yet Banks is highlight reel. If he takes another one back in the last 3 games ... he gets the nod.

Now as far as the Eastern Division All-Star nods which are voted by the writers ... I say you'll see the following players being selected to the Eastern All-Star Team

Brian Simmons @ Offensive Guard
Ted Laurent @ Defensive Tackle
Eric Norwood @ Defensive End
Simoni Lawrence @ Linebacker
Delvin Breaux @ Corner
Brandon Banks @ KR/PR

Guys on the bubble ...

Rico Murray may & should get a selection at defensive half back. Not a lock by any means but I think his interception & tackle numbers gets him a nod here.

Fantuz will get one receiver spot if he comes back for the final 2 games & can get an additional 10+ catches in those last 2 game total.

Tasker has the #'s but lacks the name recognition. Owens will get 1 spot. Duran Carter another. They'll throw a bone to Ottawa with Marcus Henry. Last spot is between Fantuz, Tasker, SJ Green & Bakari Grant.

Most Outstanding Player = Delvin Breaux-Lock down
Most Outstanding OLineman = Figueroa, Joel-Beast
Most Outstanding Defensive Player = Delvin Breaux
Most Outstanding Canadian = Craig Butler-Glue guy
Most Outstanding Rookie = Terrell Sinkfield-(After what he does the next couple games)
Most Outstanding Special Teams = Justin Medlock-Outstanding all season