"Predictable Glenn"

Good old predictable Glenn...If he doesn't throw an interception when the game's on the line he just throws it away !!! Could someone tell the offence to try some play-action and is Glenn really that chichen that he won't put the threat of running himself into his playbook. Well again we were out-coached...maybe someone could explain to our head-coach that even one field goal would have won the game...why pay someone and not use him??? The lines played well but we need some pass-defence right now...those guys just can't knock down anything...Beaten by Edmonton...how embarrassing !!!

You really needed to start another thread on this topic?? You couldn't have posted your rant along with the other 3 million in the threads already existing? A- Glenn doesn't call the plays. B- DeAngelis can't even regularly make them from inside the 40. C- What the heck is a chichen?

PS. The interception was actually just a GOOD DEFENSIVE play. Sorry Glenn didn't have his crystal ball out to know that the defender was going to come across and step in front of the ball at that time.

Disagree. Watching the replay it was apparent to me that Glenn telegraphed that pass.

As soon as KG took the snap he looked roght to where he was going to throw, and at that very same instant, the LB bolted right over there and had quite a jump on the pass even before it was thrown.

Yes, a great play by the LB, but a fundamental QB error that led to it.

CFl QB Basics imo _ look off the intended reciever, and scrambling ability.
Time to start Porter.

Seriously? Nothing changes here.

I'm not convinced that Porter is ready, and QBing and offence has not been a problem.

"Rant" ?? 3 million ?? wow...you do read alot...sorry for the spelling error...doing it one-handed and my fat fingers are too big for this pad....This topic would go away if the coaching staff would listen and do something about it...Glenn should take it up with Gibson and add a running threat...as soon as Glenn gets the ball you can tell where he's throwing....in his defence ,his releases were somewhat quicker and there were some great calls made .

Porter would not be playing anywhere near the level of Glenn right now,
whether it would be due to rust or inexperience or just QBing.
Porter would not put Glenn #'s IMO

Listen to whom? A bunch of fans on the Internet?

Listen to whom? A bunch of fans on the Internet?
Why not? This board is full of great football minds! :lol:

Is a great football mind a terrible thing to waste? :smiley:

Study material for Glenn bashers:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Passing/year/2010]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/sta ... /year/2010[/url]

Why do you have to ruin things?! :lol:

Gentlemen it's football , interceptions and fumbles are an unfortunate part of the game.
Glenn is the best QB we've had around for a few years.
He may telegraph the odd pass and Cobb may make the odd fumble.
What drives me crazy is when the D continuesly gives up 500 or so yards.
Our Defensive corners and Halfbacks are getting torched game after game and our offensive game plan is usually weak and predictable.
You will not nor should you expect to win ball games when you give up that kind of yardage.

There's a great football related quote out there
"Offence wins ball games but Defense wins championships"

So all you knowledgeable fans can call for Cobbs head or bench Glenn and cut Bauman and it's Bruces fault yadayadayada.
When your scoring 30 or so points a game you shouldn't lose.
When you jump out to a quick two touchdown lead you need to step on the juggler
The cats are getting enough offense to win games but they couldn't stop the Hamilton Hurricanes.
Lets address the problem areas sooner rather than later.

:thup: Bingo. At some point the blinders need to come off, and we need to ask why our DEFENSE cannot protect a lead.

I do like Glenn but I've noticed that lately he's getting frustrated by every little thing, he' got a puss on all game long. Settle down Kevin. You, more than anyone else has to keep calm and composed. You don't cry about having to get 15 yds instead of 10 you JUST BE A LEADER AND ACT LIKE IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU HAVE TO GET 50 YDS YOUR GONNA GET IT, let the coaches worry about the penalties AND STOP BEING A BABY.

Of course, if Glenn followed your suggestion to the letter, a bunch of the fans would start jumping on his back for "not being passionate enough". :roll: There's no pleasing all the fanbase all the time, least of all in Hamilton.

Glenn is a smart guy, and it sounds like he's well respected by current and former teammates. If I were in his position, I wouldn't be looking for free advice from the fans. If he needs a sounding board with actual credibility, Khari Jones is right there.

And as Suitor pointed out then, he didn't seem to see Davis there, watching to see the direction he was looking, seeing that his eyes never appeared to leave McDaniel.

As I pointed out in another thread, you can see this on the play starting at 2:52 of this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/14617

But replacing him with Porter is not the answer. You know what happened the last time Porter took Glenn's place in a game.

If Glenn followed my suggestion to the letter noone would say squat because we'd kick everyone's a@#.

And how do you know I'm not Khari jones.

"Fans on the internet?"...there's a good chance that they are the same fans that go to the games...what's the harm of listening to a few fan suggestions? Oh God...we better not...we might lose a game !!!