Predict When Maas Gets Pulled

Yes, another poll. It's most likely going to happen. Question is when?

i say he has a bad 1st quarter and chang starts in the second quarter

so i voted 2nd quarter

I'd like to hope that he doesn't start!

I thought the coaches will milk him for all they can. 3rd would be my guess.

Please let it be the 1st...I don't think I could watch more than a quarter of Maas Ball

No Maas. I can't take it either

How about we keep Maas on the bench, let Timmy start, if he fails, get Williams in, if he fails, pull Danny Mac from the broadcast booth and suit him up to throw our first TD pass in one year and win the game 7-0.

i no same here but maas took most of the reps in practice today…

hopefully chang doesnt come in too late…

I say he gets rocked in the 1st by the blitze and can't finish the game :oops:

10 respondents. The rest deserve to lose.

No the rest don't care about all these dumb polls. I read almost all the threads and feel no need to respond to a specualtive poll. Maas will more than likely start and if last week is any indication he will be pulled and pulled early. I would think he has one quarter to run the offence effectively or he's gone and Chang starts next week.

1/4? When have the Ticats shown any inclination to cut their losses early? This is what I'm trying to imply with this poll. Regardless what happens with Maas, Taafe will stick to his game plan. You watch.


No professional football team is going to pull their starting quarterback (no names used) in the first quarter. NFL, CFL not going to happen. Baring injury he will have the first half, if not a team would not have started him in the first place. Yes even the great one (Marino) was left in games far too long sometimes, but he was the starter.

If the Cats started Chang I would not expect them to pull him until half time not matter what happens. Way the games goes guy.

I agree Matelot. I voted 3rd quarter.