Predict the score

Tiger-Cats 29
Blue team 16

Alouettes.... 33
Blue Bombers 11

Hamilton: 24
Blue Team: 13

Bombers: 17
Als: 30

Ticats - 32
Argos - 19

Bombers - 17
Al's - 38

TiCats 19
Argos 15

Alouettes 21
Bombers 24

2 close games, methinks, with Als letting down a little bit.

Cats 36 - Argos 6

Montreal 22 - Winnipeg 12

Cats 24
Arggghhhhos 14

An Argo-Cat fan

ticats 36
argos 22

winnipeg 31
Als 28

Wow. you really think the league's best defense will give up more than 30 points two weeks in a row and against Bishop as QB?

Yes I have heard that the Als are going to sit most of their starters this week

If we could just kick you livin' sh%# out of them, I mean crush and demoralize them, have them screamin' about us being classless and unprofessional for running up the score...wouldn't that be nice. Then, all would be forgiven and all would be clear as to the "process" that is in play. :wink:

I predict a win. :thup:

ticats win on a rouge with no time remaining - Cats 22 Arg,s 21

ti-cats 40, argos 10.
Alouttes 30, winnipeg 17.

i wouldnt get your hopes up on that ham-tor score lol im thinking a 3 point game lol
and the bombers are going to upset the montreal practice roster LOL even with bishop at the helm lol

TIcats are due for a blowout, 53-14 for the good guys.

Just to be Irish
TiCats 19
Argos 16

will this game be available on the net
what time does it start at over there .

Hamilton: 28

Mtl: 14
B.B 3

Your best bet is to go to The game starts at 7:00pm EST - or about midnight your time. Another option is to listen to the game on - our local AM radio station and broadcaster of the Tiger-Cats for as long as I remember. We usually have a game play-by-play thread viewtopic.php?f=5&t=48653 where we discyuss what happens during the game. We look forward to talking to you.

great stuff cheers

TiCats 34
Argos 14