Predict The Score


Hamilton 24
Edmonton 21

Hamilton 31

Esks 25

Eskies :24

Please somebody go for A.J.'s knees tonight!

Weather forecast is cold and wet soooooooooo I am going to say Hamilton 20 over Edmonton 17.

this game could get ugly....

[b]Tiger Cats - 20

Edmonton - 18[/b]

I'll bet my cottage in Muskoka on it.

esks 28
cats 13
too many injuries on the o-line

edmonton 24
hamilton 11

Edmonton 0
Hamilton 0

Just before opening kickoff


The Bassman


21-18 edmonton

Ham 31
Edm 21

Hamilton 17
Edmonton 10

Hamilton 26 - Eskies 21

Lumsden rushes for 120 yards and takes on Gass head on and Gass is down for the count! Come on Jesse, put that guy on his behind, that would be sweet! 8)

Hamilton 14
Edmonton 9

Cold, wet, but Hamilton should win because you know that the refs will be looking for AJ to do anything stupid.

17-13 hamilton

Hi to all you Cat fans live from Edmonton. The sky is clearing as I speak, and the temp is 13 C so it should be OK for the game. I'll be there in my Cats' 3rd jersey. Man, I hope they can pull this out. I am quite concerned with the patch work O Line, so for that reason Edm 26 Cats 13. I hope I am dead wrong!

Was anybody dead on?

:lol: :lol: :twisted: