Predict the score- TiCats vs. Bombers

Tiger-Cats 42
Blue Bombers 30

TiCats: 37
Staggerville: 18

Again I'm hoping for our #1 team to show up, if so we should win a tough battle 36 - 21 for the good guys. GOoooo Puss Cats. :thup: BEWARE: of Bomber BS plays and bad ref calls.

Ti-Cats- 42
Bummers- 9
The Cats are gonna open up a can on these guys tonite!!!

Cats 36 Bumers 17

Cats 37 Bummers 22


Ticats 24 Bombers 17 In OT


Who invited the glue sniffer, anyway? :lol:

On topic:
Cats - 31
Bombers - 24

62 - 0 for the Cats........

in the first quarter.....after that is anybody's guess....

Certainly this game I would think is a playoff preview for down the road; for Hamilton a win will boost their morale for the team as next week they make a trip to Montreal. The same goes for Winnipeg if they win, but a loss will sting big time as their next game is in Edmonton; The Esks will be looking for revenge.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :thup:

Winnipeg forces turnovers: they get points off INTs. But Khari calls an aggressive game to compensate

On defence, secondary fiannly clicks:

TiCats 28

Bombers 26

Look UP and look at the final score ... not bad eh? Only a rouge off... ha ha

Well, aren't we proud. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back after you wake up tomorrow. After which you can pick all the dead mosquitoes out of your Cheerios before you go brush your four teeth and then have your sibling parents take you to your banjo lesson.

and let's not forget the weekly family trip to the army surplus store.....