Here we go again.

Once more, "BRAGGING RIGHTS" are up for grabs.

Ticats 39

Stampeders 31

Ti-Cats 35
Stamps 27

Calgary has a very good defense, but ours is better.

Cats: 27
Stamps: 20

Ticats 19 Stamps 27


Calgary's offense isn't what it used to be, and our defense is playing lights out right now

Ham 32

Stamps 18

I predict a real close one with a Medlock field goal to win on the last play.

lets say 21-20 Hamilton

Tiger-Cats 42

Stampeders 10

Stampeders - 34
Tiger-Cats - 32

Hamilton 28 Stamps 20

Cats 35
Stamps 32


Calgary Stampeders 30

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 17

Now please let me be wrong!

Hamilton - 22
Calgary - 27

Tiger-Cats 45
Stampeders 42

Guess I'm not allowed to say the same thing, eh? Ok, then 27-19 Hamilton.

Who are you, and what have you done with Tom? :wink:

Glad to see you're starting to believe in the team again.

May your wish be granted :wink:

Cats 33

Stamps 28

A tight game but we will keep rolling.

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I predict PAIN AND FRUSTRATION for Henry Burris (aka Smilin' Hank) :rockin:

Maybe we Ticat fans should all head over to the EE forum and predict losses for you guys like you do for us each and every single week.