Predict the score Ticats at BC LIONS

Once again, bragging rights are up for grabs. Who has the closest prediction?

Ticats 39

Lions 17

Hamilton 34

Leos 16

27-16 Ti-Cats

Hamilton 23 Lions 12

This will be the 2nd week in a row I have to miss the game. If the Cats win tonite thats 0 -2 when I watch 2 - 0 when I don't ... hmmm seeing a pattern here. :roll:


not even gunna be close :smiley: :rockin:

Hamilton 13

Lions 10

Ti-Cats will win thats all that matters!

Tiger-Cats - 20
B.C. Lions - 25

Booooooooooooooooooooooooo :thdn:

41-12 Ticats

Call be an optimist.

At Empire Field Lions are 0-4 in July the last two seasons. Leos didn't win much at Old Empire when I first went either. :thdn:
However, I'm going to the Oct. 29th game vs Eskimos; will be cool to check out the new B.C. Dome. :thup:

Oops correction: The Leos are 0-3 at Empire Field for July.

After tonight.. .we'll make you correct


Hey "backer"...what's your new prediction after thinking it out? Give us a number. BTW...I was going to the game tonight...had a ticket...but the Damn Taxes for a plane ticket was as much as the ticket. :roll:

Hamilton 27 BC 24 IN OT

ticats 31
bc 21

My predictions are never right ever. I'll still go with 25-20 Lions, however if the Tiger Cats should win it will be.....

Hamilton - 32
The Leos - 20......... :wink: I just personal jinxed myself in Big Daves pool.

Hamilton 27 - BC 17

Ticats 25

Lions 18

Ti-cats 21
Lions 20
and there will not be a riot after the game