Predict the score: Ticats@Als

We are going to get a good spanking I just can't see them winning today at Molson Stadium 2 weeks in a row
against Calvillo

Als: 28
Hammered: 18 :cry:

I have to disagree. The Cats also won in Toronto where they haven't been able to win for a few years so I feel the Ticats will win today. :rockin:

Montreal 34 Hamilton 31

No Team has Won back to back games this year
Hope I am wrong and we are the 1st .

Mtl 44, Ham 20.
Montreal is -13, total of 57.

Sorry but you wont be the first.....BC won back to back against SSK Weeks 12 and 13

Ticats 38
Als 37

I Stand Corrected Still very hard two win back back

I hope I'm wrong but...

Als: 41 (5 TD, 2 FG)
Ticats: 10 (1 TD, 1 FG) - or - 13 (1 TD, 2 FG)

I really see us taking a beating, however, I'd be more than happy to eat my words!


Think it’ll be somewhat close but the Als are not going to be nearly as surprised by Porter and the Cats as last week.

Ham 24 - Mon 28

(But I’ve been proven wrong before and I’m hoping it happens again)

Hello TiCat fans,

You had a great game last week.....I hope you repeat.

Good Luck

48 als
20 ham

Man I hope you put that after the game, or else you are a very good psychic



I was 1 point off for both teams!!!

The only reason why I threw in the "or 13" for Hamilton is because I second guessed myself...

But it's right here... 41 to 10 and the real score was 42-11. Damn I'm good! haha

B.C also did it weeks 3 and 4 against Winnipeg

Saskatchewan did it as well against Winnipeg in weeks 10 and 11