Predict the score Ti-Cats vs Stamps

Ti-Cats 25 :cowboy:
Stamps 24

Looking very much forward to seeing our real defence (that should have started) now that changes are made.

As well Quinne on offence,nice to see someone out there returning kicks who wants to be a Ti-Cat!

Ti-Cats 19
Stamps 19

Stamps 37
Ti-Cats 19

Stamps 24
Ticats 28

Looking for a def. pick for a TD....

come on boys.

Ticats 26
Stamps 23

Too many problems on the TiCats side of things. Offence not that great, defence needs lots of work. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I see an easy win for Calgary

Hamilton 16
Calgary 35


Ticats 44 Stamps-38


Cats 36 - Stamps 17

ticats 25
stamps 20

Cats 29
Stamps 27

That's right, I'm calling for a Cats win.

Hamilton 11
Calgary 9

Stamps 24
Cats 30

Hamilton 32
Calgary 29

ti cats 17
stamps 14

I like Earl's prediction.

I can see once our offence clicks, they'll be hungry and start rolling over them.

Plus, when you combine our defensive changes with hugry replacements, and a Calgary offenisive line that is somewhat inexperienced, I expect out "D" to do well too.

Sure it's wishful thinking, but I don't think it's unrealisitc.

Calgary 27
Hamilton 4 (Four missed field goals)

And you thought last weeks game was bad.

Tiger-Cats 24

Stampeders 21

Calgary 34
Hamilton 17 :slight_smile:

I think you got those backwards. :stuck_out_tongue: