Predict the score of the Winnipeg game

Tiger-Cats 36
Blue Bombers 24

Hamilton 32 Winnipeg 25

Tiger-Cats: 31
Bombers: 19


27-19 US.

H a M i L t O n 29 (+ or - 3)

w I n N i P e G 22 (+ or - 4)

Cats 29 Bombers 26 Hope I don't jinx them

Cats 32-28 Close game. :cowboy:
Tigers 28
Bombers 20

Oskee wee wee

Broken Down B-52s:25

cats - 26
bombers - 24

Ticats 41 - Bombers 16

Bombers 45 Cats 25

On paper, it should be a slam dunk. Stegall’s back, Roberts found his running legs last week, & Kevin Glenn is back and calling his own plays, meaning they won’t be the same old vanilla plays Cartwright faxes to opposing teams the week before each game.

On Hamilton’s side of the ball, Jesse Lumsden likely won’t start nor will Casey Printers. Hamilton hasn’t won a road game outside of T.O. since the Mulroney administration.

There is NO WAY the Bombers should lose this game. The Bombers are 3.5 point favourites, but realistically, its closer to 35 points.

Winnipeg 40
Hamilton 9

Cats 37
Blues 17

Hamilton - 28
Winnipeg - 30

  • paul


I'm sure eventually the GLUE will wear off...

Peg 35
Hammer 24

Glenn has something to prove.

An Argo-Cat fan

Ticats 43

Bombers 37

Cats 26
Bombers 15

If Williams and the entire offense gels again this week, do you think CP is gonzo?