Predict the score of the Hamilton-Winnipeg game and win!

Winnipeg: 28
Hamilton: 15

Hamilton 21
whinerpeg 18

TigerCats-24, Winnipeg 22

Hamilton 45
Winnipeg 4

Hey...wishful thinking. I'm hoping the city, the fans and more importantly the team is so pissed off with last weeks shenanigans that they'll lay a beating on the Bombers.

I want a clean but hard hitting game from our defense. I want our team to take last weeks loss personal and use this to pump themselves up.

And since I am dreaming...I also want Pamela Anderson to drop by and clean and dust my house.

ticats 27
winnipeg 19

go cats!

Hamilton 34
Winnepeg 12

hamilton 23
winnipeg 22

ticats pull it out at the end

Blue and Gold 28
Ticats 18

My guess is 32-13 for Winnipeg. But I won't be watching the game, what the score is makes no difference; the result whatever the score is a forgone conclusion.

36-30 Weinerpeg

btw JustAGuy, im under age.

Hamilton 29- Win 28

An ideal ending to keep a fire stoked would be:
Winnipeg - 53
Hamilton - 9
...which includes a last second 52 yd field goal by Westwood.

but, Carnac the Laugher predicts...

Tabbies - 29

Berry the B00BMAKER - 19

attendance -
4372 distributed free tickets

  • 21,685 sold tickets
  • 13 boycotters
    = 26,044 total

very good one laughing

Setta sets a record scores all points for us in a loss Wnp 35 Setta 28 ( 9 fgs 1 single) :rockin:

Winnipeg 28 Hamilton 15

Why are you guys so down on JM? Im a bluebomber fan and I thought he played real well last week. Lighten up, you guys almost pulled one away from us.

Ti-Cats 39
Bombers 37


I am going with a relatively low scoring affair ...

Winnipeg 13
Hamilton 19

With Kevin Glenn getting hurt in the process. It just seems like that time of year again that's all.

  • paul

I'm going out on a limb here but I say that the Cats are going 0-6. Setta will put up 5 field goals but the cats will lose 24-15 Winny.

Hamilton all the way. 33-19!!!