Predict the score of the Hamilton-Winnipeg game and win!

Be the first to predict the correct final score of Friday's game and win a prize.

At the present time, I don't know what the prize will be but it will have a value of at least $100.

Here's an added bonus for this game - If you pick the ticats to win AND correctly guess the score of the game, I'll DOUBLE the prize.

Contest closes at kick-off.

I make up the rules and reserve all judgement. :wink:

Have fun.


OK, I'll jump in. Maas is starting? Forget the bonus DOUBLE.

Bombers 27

Ticats 15

Bomber 45
Ticat 12

God I hope the teams are reversed but I see no reason to think our offence can score without a change in thinking by Taffe

ok just to throw off the above guessers ...kidding
ticats win their 1st game of the season by the score of 24-20

Hope you are correct. Its going to be another long frustrating night otherwise

Ticats 27
Bombers 23

if i'm wrong i will come here after the game and face the music,but if we lose i may have a few two many brown pops so my typing may be a little off as well as my temperment.

I'm going on vacation immediately following a Saturday day shift so I won't likely have a lot to say. Celebrate ye non-believers

Ticats 31

Bombers 26

whoa woody!
curious maas how many td's this game? 4?

Bet he thinks there will be a Chang(e)

we'll see as long as we win chang or maas that's my real care.
i do know woody isn't the biggest maas backer so that's why i was curious.

ticats 27
peg 24

hamilton 38 - Winnepeg 34

Winnipeg 37, Hamilton 23. 7 field goals and a safety!

Ham -24
Win -21

Go Cats Go

ham 27
the peg 17

The way things have been going so far..

I'd say 38-17 Winnepeg

hamilton 23
the peg 20

Winnipeg 32
Hamilton 10