Predict the score of the HAMILTON - TORONTO game and win!

You know the rules.

Be the FIRST to predict this one correctly and win a $90 gift certificate to Sports Obsession.

Contest ends GAME DAY, so please make your predictions sooner than later.

We're going to keep increasing the pot until someone wins.

As always, I reserve the right to pass final judgement.

Best of luck!

TiCats 23
Argos 13

close one...

Ticats 31
Argos 28

Last second field goal win!

If myers kicks it we win...if boreham kicks it...well...WE STILL WIN!! GO CATS GO!


Hamilton - 31
Toronto - 20

Ticats 27 Argos 19

Hamilton - 34

Toronto - 21

Tigers Cats - 27
Argoooooooooooooooooos - 15

Attendance - 28001, if I can make it.

How come I never read about anyone ever winning this gift certificate??

Maybe because nobody has guessed correctly.


Tiger cats 21 argos 20

Hamilton 37

Toronto 9


TigerCats 42, Args 38

Hamilton 28 Toronto 17

Argos 24
TiCats 17

TICATS 32 Argos 13..

Ticats: 28
Argos: 13

The Ontario Lottery Corp has caught on to Hamilton and Toronto.

They have the over/under set at 3 for this Sat's game.