Predict the score of the HAMILTON - SASK game and win!

Be the first to predict the correct final score of todays's game and win a prize.

At the present time, I don't know what the prize will be but it will have a value of at least $100.

Here's an added bonus for this game - If you pick the ticats to win AND correctly guess the score of the game, I'll DOUBLE the prize.

Contest closes at kick-off.

I make up the rules and reserve all judgement. :wink:

Have fun.

Sask - 21
Ham - 19

Riders 37
Ticats 15

Riders 38 Hamilton 16

Sask 43, tiger-cats 18.

Sask 21, Ticats 23

Hamilton 3
Sask 15

Ti-CATS 3:15


sask 17
ticats 19

Ti-Cats 35
Riders 31

TiCats 28
Sask 24

Riders 58
(I apologize for my frankness)

Tiger-Cats 21
Roughriders 35

Another North West Rebellion, but this time the guys from the East lose:

Riders 34

Cats 12

Riders 41

Cats 17

Ticats 27

Riders 20

cats 32
riders 27

Sask will be going through the motions today … they got nothing to play for and it will show …

The Tiger Cats will be going balls out to get their FIRST road win of the season …

Hamilton 23
Sask 19


Sask still has a chance at 1st place, so will be going all out.

Sask 39
Ham 23

Sorry Cats but
Sask -28

Maybe next game :roll: :lol:

38- 27 Hamilton.