Predict the score of the Hamilton-Montreal game

Funny obtuse guy you are. You know full well what the point was.

Als 25
Cats 10

An Argo-Cat fan


I do.

It's a peeve of mine that terminology, "a point for a missed FG". :thdn:

I know what AKT means here, but I agree with CaptainKirk on this one.

Talking about getting a point for a "missed field goal" often tends to put discussion on the slippery slope toward talk about "rewarding failure" and proposals to abolish the rouge altogether. Keep the rouge, along with the five-yard restraining zone, no fair catch, and the live ball-- parts of the rugby origins of our game-- in Canadian football.

Cap'n: Well said sir!!!

Great suggestion.
Also I would prefer it if a kicker (team) could elect to kick the ball into the endzone on third down, rather than try for the field goal and get the extra point by default. That would probably happen when it was windy or the ball is out of field goal range. I think they can do that now with the present rules but the election option would end the "rewarding failure" debate.
I would also like the kick into the endzone occur from the point where the ball was dead on the previous play and not from the hashmarks. If the opposing team booted the ball back out, rather than passing it or running out out, it would still be a live ball.
That's why I like laterals so much. They allow the players to create plays on the field. That's also probably why no coach in the league would ever want anything to to with this suggestion!

Does anyone know if Anthony Calvillo is playing?
That will have alot to do with the score!

Actually what I'd like to see changed with the rouge goes something like this.

If a kick is played in the endzone and the receiving team fails to run the ball out a single point is awarded and the ball spotted at the 35 yard line. Conceding a single will not be allowed and any attempt to do so would result in both the single point being awarded and the ball spotted at the 20. If the kicked ball goes into touch through the endzone the ball will be placed at the 20 yard line and no point will be awarded. That would give the receiving team the option of letting the ball go into touch but punish you for not attempting to run it out

cats 29
als 24

season 'turning point' today!

Some of us smell upset.

Reality is they are a power house toying with Cats.



ALS 34
HAM 20

I really hope i can log in after this game and say i told you so and i hope alot of you feel the same way …
We can pass this test …i no its hard to be optimistic with what we have witnessed this season but when you play a great team they make you play Great so let’s hope they come out on top …

The BIG PICTURE must not be IGNORED here ... asking for, or expecting a 1-5 ROAD team to BEAT an UNDEFEATED at home Montreal squad is a BIT MUCH.

This is a game where a MORALE VICTORY is POSSIBLE.

I'll be looking for the Tiger Cats to PLAY hard right from the OPENING WHISTLE.
I'll be looking for SUSTAINED drives, without turnovers. I'll be looking for EARLY defensive stops.
I'll be looking for a couple defensive turnovers, and a LIMITED, SMALL number of penalties.

In GENERAL, I'm looking for the TEAM to BREAK it's tendencies, and alter its game PROFILE.

If the Tiger Cats can KEEP this game within 10 points I would CONSIDER it a BIG STEP in the right direction.

This game in Montreal will go a LONG way toward PREPARING the team for its remaining games ... even with a LOSS the SEASON will be very much ALIVE ... Both Toronto and Winnipeg are BEATABLE in their own backyards ... Saskatchewan at HOME is also WINNABLE ... HAVE FAITH !!


P.S In the name of thread relevance ...

MTL 29
HAM 24

with fingers crossed- birds-26 cats- 30 leo,s 30 bombers- 16

My birthday is tomorrow, so that factors into my prediction:

Cats 23
Als 21


Oski Wee Wee,


44-44 draw, goes to double OT. :wink:

My heart says we win by 7, my head says we lose by 14.

Happy birthday oski!!

Thanks. 44-44 made me feel old (44 is imminent). LMAO -- WHAT A GAME! If today's tilt is 75% of what that one was, it will be a very good game!!

Oski Wee Wee,