Predict the score of the HAMILTON - MONTREAL game and win!

You know the rules.

Predict this one correctly and win a $70 gift certificate to Sports Obsession.

We're going to keep increasing the pot until someone wins.

As always, I reserve the right to pass final judgement.

Best of luck!

On an aside... Well done, Crash. Your 21-17 Hamilton-Calgary prediction was so close.

No consolation prize?

You're killing me!

Fine... I've got a pair of tickets for you for September's Toronto-Hamilton game at Rogers' Centre.

This week im going to go with...

Hamilton - 27
Montreal - 24

hamilton 32
montreal 27

Ham- 27
Mtl- 15

Montreal 41
Hamilton 16

cats 33-27

Hamilton 26
Montreal 18

Cats 36 Montreal 34

well it will be extremely hard for hamilton to beat montreal, but anything is possible, and with out low scoring offence and top notch D...
Ticats: 27
Montreal: 25

Hamilton 30

Montreal 28

28 - 22 Cats.

Als- 27
thats how hot it was today..... :?

cats 26
als 21

go cats go !!!

Hamilton 21, Montreal 10
Gonna be a defensive battle but we have the Holmes Factor...Montreal doesn't have this type of player....Game breaker

Ham 27

Mtl 24
ohhh I just noticed Crash has the same prediction as I was gonna pick first and so I'm fair ill let him have it god nows he needs a new flag!!

ok Ill change it to

Ham 29

Mtl 28

I'll be there so I hope I can do sumthin to influance the game hee hee!!!! :wink:

Let the scoring Gods be with me

Hamilton 36

Montreal 32

I would like the new cowboy hat I saw at the Game on my birthday !!

ti-cats 25
mtl 21

Ticats - 23
Als - 20