Predict the score of the HAMILTON-MONTREAL game and win !

Hamilton 35
Montreal 34

Montreal - 27
Ticats - 13


Uh… not this time, Ron. :wink:

Hamilton 20
Montreal 17

Hamilton 33

Montreal 18

When (not if :wink: ) I win, a $50 donation to the CHML Christmas Tree of Hope in lieu of the Gift Certificate would suffice.

sorry for mentioning Christmas so :lol:

Nice offer JAG :thup:

Hamilton 36
Montreal 17

Montreal 36
Ticats 24

This Montreal Game WILL be the Game the TiCats Dinasty Begins :slight_smile:

No prize for THAT guess. :wink:

Hamilton 39

Montreal 30

allready posted -TiCats 38, Montreal-33 Go Cats GO :rockin:

Montreal -31 Hamilton -21


Montreal 34
Hamilton 20

Hamilton: 32
Montreal: 25

Ti-Cats -30

Als -29

Corey Holmes is playing folks ....

We discover our recievers .

D rocks.

Here's how you guys picked it so far:

  • Hamilton: 16 people
  • Montreal: 14 people
  • Tie: 1 person

Just a quick reminder :

  1. Dave Stala is back in the slot, which pushes Thyron Anderson back to his WR spot, which takes O'Neil Wilson out of the starting lineup. Three pluses!

  2. Kai Ellis is back in the lineup. Being more effective than DD Acholonu, this will push Maas to release the ball even quicker than last time... And last time wasn't pretty.

  3. Chris Martin and Jamie Boreham are still in your lineup.

Cats 24

Wets 23

ALS 25