Predict the score of the HAMILTON-MONTREAL game and win !

sry cotton Fan
28-13 cats

After the Cats making Wynn look like Warren Moon and the Boomers making him look like a bum, I still go with the Cats winning by 12 points. :thup:

Good Guys!

Go Cats Go

ti cats 41
montreal 29

47-21 cats

Montreal 34
Hamilton 21

Sorry, but I think we're bound for 0-4

I hate to say it but between injuries and the sloppy performance last week...

Als 31
Cats 21

I really do hope I'm wrong!

ham 27
mont 25

Montreal 20
Hamilton 27

Ti-Cats 27
Mtl 20

Hamilton 33
Montreal 17

Calvillo will be knocked from the game...
there's my 3 cents.

Hamilton: 21
Montreal: 17

Sorry, but after last weeks game the Cats haven't shown much. They can't even beat the second string QB for the fact..they ade him look good. So I really can't see how they will defeat the mighty Als.

I'd like to be wrong....but I doubt I will be.

ticats 27

montreal 11

Hamilton 24-Montreal 23

Hamilton 24-Montreal 23

Hamilton 31
Montreal 21

hamilton better win by more than 4 points, or my pro-line is down the drain.

Ticats 35 Mont 30

MTL: 37
HAM: 14