Predict the score of the HAMILTON - CALGARY game and win!

You know the rules.

Predict this one correctly and win a $60 gift certificate to Sports Obsession.

As always, I reserve the right to pass final judgement.

Best of luck!


You want to ba a bit more specific there, FYB?


43 pts for one team
20 points for the other team :slight_smile:

I know Won’t Count Cause
I Edit my post
with Greg gone now Ticats 24 Stamps 21

Hamilton 31

Calgary 28

Ham 29
Cal 24

HAM 31
CAl 17

Is Holmes expected to play??

Cal 35
Ham 17

Ti-Cats 28
Stamps 25


I have a feeling this week is really it. I also feel its Marshal’s last straw.

Hamilton: 33
Calgary: 25

Hamilton - 21
Calgary - 17

ham 28
cal 26

Hamilton 30
Calgary 21

42= calgary

15 =ticats

really hate to do this ,,,, gut feeling :oops:

42-24 cats

Cats finally win one

Cats 26
Stamps 18

Cats 21
Calgary 20

27-20 Ticats

Because I know where its at and fuck KEN Peters!!!