Predict the score of the Hamilton - Calgary game and win!

Be the first to predict the correct final score of Friday's game and win a prize.

At the present time, I don't know what the prize will be but it will have a value of at least $100.

Here's an added bonus for this game - If you pick the ticats to win AND correctly guess the score of the game, I'll DOUBLE the prize.

Contest closes at kick-off.

I make up the rules and reserve all judgement. :wink:

Have fun.


Hamilton 31
Calgary 24

hamilton 21
calgary 18

Cats 25
Stamps 21

Calgary 56
Hamilton 5

Stamps 32 Hamilton 10

cal 25
cats 10

Stamps 31
Cats 17

But Cats will score TDs and be competitive

Cats 27
Bumbers 24

An Argo-Cat fan

Calgary 32
Tiger Cats 22

Attendance @ 3 minute whistle / 4th quarter
= 3,000

On my blog, I said Cats 25-21. That appears to be taken here, so I’ll go 26-22, Cats. LOL

Calgary 48
Hamilton 10

Hamilton 13
Calgary 10

Lets show our cats we still care!!!!!

Hamilton 32
Sask 27
Now this is the forth or fifth time I predicted this score in a row, hows about I just call dibs for the rest of the year....(keeps me OUT of the running, but someday you just never know)

Ticats 27

Stamps 17

This is the fifth time I've predicted this score. Last week somebody usurped it before I could get in. He didn't win with it either! Someday.....

Hamilton 8
Calgary 23

Hamilton 13
Calgary 10 is already taken

So I will go with

Calgary 35
Hamilton 16

Stamp Herds: 38
scratch my tummy Cats: 13

Ticats 31

Stamps 27

Getting your vote in early for Oct. 14th? :wink: :lol: