Predict the score of the Cats vs. Bomers -Game 1

1st prize -Bunner is donating 2 ticket to the next BA Johnston concern.
2nd prize - (also donated by Bunner) for your Saturday night entertainment -a six pack and a bug zapper.
3rd prize -Bunner is donating his Bud Light Pool Table light he has hanging over his dining room table.

hamilton: 27

winnipeg: 18

I figure the Cats score 1 more TD from offense than last week while finally stopping the opposition on the first drive.

HAM: 25
WPG: 15

Blue Bombers..23

We've had good offensive yardage and drives and now is when we start finishing them.

Hamilton: 28
Winnipeg: 24

Hamilton 23
Winnipeg 10

Cats by a whisker. :thup:

Hamilton 21-- Bombers 20- Lumsden will Dominate :rockin:

Wow, not even close, Bombers big.

cats: 27
Bombers: 21

wow, homer much???

newsflash, you guys havent won a game yet!!

Bombers 32 Pussycats 11

Bummers get whacked... 35/7

Ticats 31

Bombers 27 :thup:

Don’t worry Bunner, rumour has it that B.A.'s next Hamilton show is a free one.

BTW, what’s everyone gonna do when JustAGuy starts his own version of this thread?

Ticats 29
Bombers 24


Oski Wee Wee,

TiCats 31
Bummers 16

With one offensive touchdown in the first half (largely due to Lumdsden) Chang comes in, moves the sticks effectively and throws two TD passes.

Bombers 26
TiCats 21

Charlie will have his best game yet. Stegall will get the record for touchdowns. :slight_smile:

Cats by a fur ball 27 - 24 :rockin:

Ham 14
'Peg 31

Bombers 21
Ticats 18