Predict the score of the Cat-Blue Team game and win...ummmm


Until the prize thread shows up, this will be the non-binding, non-prized alternative.

Mods can lock this at the kickoff unless you're otherwise occupied. LMAO

My pick: Blue Team 33 Ticats 18 -- Chang and Williams will play better, but Stubler will still cause them fits.

Good luck to whoever wins the real prize thread if it ever shows up. :wink:

Oski Free Wee,

P.S. Mods can nuke this thread if the prize thread materializes.

People posting here should check back to see if the prized thread gets posted before the game today. in which case, ensure your pick is made THERE. The only thing you'll get here is a round of applause and a Dollarama gift certificate that expired in 2003. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, shoot… I forgot to post one of these things. Ah, just keep this one up. I’ll toss in a prize if anyone wins. :wink:

Ticats 13, Argos 11.

Tabbies 32
Boatmen 26


Da Ti-Cats: 16

Blue Team: 15

Argos 34
Cats 14

An Argo-Cat fan

TC 28
A… 26

Under Chang Cats: 13 Argos: 37
Under Printers Cats: 38 Argos: 21

Ti-Cats 27

Argos 17

argos 38
ticats 13

Argos 41
Ticats 21

Argos 31
Ticats 17

8) TiCats 22
  Argos 18

Ticats 18
Blue Team 18

Defensive Battle

Argo-Nots= 7

Chang- 14-26, 156 yards, 1 Td, no picks

Cats 13 A.... 29

I'll say 32 cats
27 argooos
Same prediction as last week ?? maybe 2nd times the charm.
A girl can dream cant she....

ham 24

TiCats: 18
powder blue squad:16