Predict the score...Montreal at Ticats we go again. Bragging rights up for grabs. Let's see who can get it right. :wink:

This should be a very entertaining contest and could end up being very close.

Unfortunately I'll be watching it on TV. :expressionless:

Ticats 39

Montreal 34

Tiger-Cats 44
Alouettes 42

I dont know about the score…but I forsee a Medlock field goal with no time on the clock to win it. And the crowd simultanesouly cheers Medlock and jeers Sandro (he’s still on their roster right?)

If Calvillo starts:

Ham: 26
Mtl: 23

If McPherson starts:

Ham: 33
Mtl: 16

Anyone have any info on what the attendance might be? Hopefully we can get close to a sell-out, but I have my doubts.

Well, I'll be there, so that's at least one!

Hamilton 26

Montreal 24

sorry folks
24-10 for Montreal

Starting safety Etienne Boulay won't play Friday.

Still no word on Bourke/Watkins/Calvillo.

Montreal - 30
Hamilton - 20

Hamilton 20

Montreal 17

Les Cats.... 23

Les enfants.....20

Bourke/Watkins/Calvillo will all play Friday, Boulay won't.

It all depends if the Cats bring their A Game. If they do

Hamilton 34
Montreal 14

if not

Montreal 38
Hamilton 17

Do you have a source for Calvillo?

Last I read, "Calvillo's vision still not normal" from today's Montreal Gazette ... story.html

Als 27
Ti-cats 24

Sorry to say I can't see AC losing two in a row :? I hope I am wrong.........

Drew Edwards quoted a Montreal Reporter on twitter. I'm not sure how firm that is...

Geeeeeez, the vision going in and out doesn't sound like an eye injury especially if tests have showed nothing. I hope they are careful because this could easily be neurological/vascular.

I'm going 27-24 too, but for the Cats. (Worth 16 point to me on Rona.)

Ti-Cats 34
Als 10
Ti-Cats defence will "eat em raw"

Thanks jordan02!

Here's the original tweet and there's also one from the reporter saying that Calvillo was practicing today.!/44DidierRDS
[url=] ... ce-ticats/[/url]

Calvillo, Bourke and Watkins (another threat to our stacked receivers) are all back!

Boulay is out. I hope Hecht takes his spot, he came in out of training camp the bugger is quick!!!! Not a fan of Tad Crawford.