Predict the Score! Ham @ Sask August 14th

I don't know if I can handle what will transpire on this forum if we go down 0-2 on the season and then have to sit on it for 2 weeks...

Defence looks fairly solid overall. Only giving up 19 points when you only score 6 is a good sign, especially if it takes us a little while to mesh on offence.

It's very difficult to know what to expect out of these games at this early stage in the season but I have to think our offence will look significantly better this week over last given the defence we will be facing this time around

Ham 24

Sask 17

The rest of the games last week were a lot of fun to watch and the results were far from my expectations. Hopefully we're in for another entertaining week of football and few injuries.


sorry if this looks like a copycat thread but I didn't see a lot of actual score predictions on there

Hard to predict a score without knowing the lineup. Too many injuries, too many rookies the last outing.