Predict the score for Sunday.

I know it's presumptuous of me to start this thread, this early, but......

Last week I predicted a score of 35-10, and made some fun of those who foresaw only a three point win. I was not right on, but not too far off.

But, I like that score so much that I'm stuck on it again.


30-27 Hamilton in overtime.


28-19 Cats. Defense with the key turnovers for 17 points off good field position points after turnover

27-21 Hamilton!!!!
With BC making one last attempt at the endzone to win and our defence steps up and intercepts and downs the ball to win!!!

Tiger-Cats 45
B.C. Lions 26

Hamilton Ti-Cats 37B.C Lions 16

HAM - 27 BC - 17

ill settle for a ti cat win ronnie lancaster use to say doesn't matter wether u win by 1 or a 100 a win is a win

47 - 6 Ti-Cats - I hope to see Cobb, Cobb and more Cobb, AB3 and great D - This game is a blowout except for one guy who still makes me very concerned and his name is Wally

Hamilton: 31

BC: 20


since someone took my 27-21 Ticats.... I'll go with 32-27 Ticats.

TiCats 34 - 31

Hamilton 46 B.C 13

ti- cats 21 --14

Ticats 24 BC 17

Cobb breaks off huge run with 1 Min left for the win

Cats-27 BC-17