Predict the Score: Cats@Bummers

I am bored and trying to kill time before the game, so I thought a little guessing game might be fun.

GRAND PRIZE: Forum bragging rights for the week.

My prediction:
Hamilton 34
Winnipeg 17

Lets hear em :cowboy:

Ticats 42
Winterpeg 19

Cats are due for a BLOW OUT Game !!

Ticats 34
Bombers 28

Cats - 82
Bombers - 0

you heard it here first.

(and likely last)

Black and Gold - 38
Blue and Beige - 31

Tiger-Cats 37
Flat Earth Society 21

Cats- 38
Bummers- 6

Cats - 27
Airplanes - 12

38-17 for the Cats. Giguere, Walker and Bucknor all have big games.

This thread is funny. I would have predict similar scores.

How about 6-0 in turnovers.

Wow. You were wrong on all accounts. :slight_smile:

Did you mean turnovers? :stuck_out_tongue: