Predict the Final Standings For the CFL this year!!!

Hi folks...its the beginning of the CFL 2007 season and as such, everyone must have an opinion on how the season will unfold. My CFL friends and I have been speculating for weeks and here is how I predict the cookie will crumble. (remember, this is just for fun, no cheapshots ok)

Eastern Division

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Hamilton
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal

Call it the beginning of the end for the Al's..I think Jim Popp has taken on way too many roles with the Al's. A.C. has a new offensive coordinator for the first time in a while and I dont think the AL's will be as tough as usual. Also, I will predict this will be Damon Allen's final year in the CFL. I watched the BC game and he has gotten really slow and his arm strength is that of a Gr.8 student. Seriously, he threw a 30 yard pass to Frank Murphy and it looked as if he was throwing a cynder block. Bishop will be able to keep the Argos in the playoff hunt thou. I really like the look of the Cats. If MAAS struggles, look for Timmy Chang to be the starter by mid season..and he wont look back either..Timmy will be the starter in Hamilton for the next 5 years. LUMSDEN will win the rushing title and if the Cats young Defence can gel quickly, they will be tough to beat. And finally, I think Winnipeg is the cream of the crop in the East. Glenn and Stegall click with eachother and Charles ROberts was built for the CFL. They have a tough defence and should win the east.


  1. Calgary
  2. BC Lions
  3. Edmonton
  4. Saskatchewan

Im not going to go crazy with the west...I love Calgary's offence and think they have enough toughness on Defence to beat BC out for 1st place...but BC may only fall short by 1-3 points by seasons end. Edmonton does not miss the playoffs for 1000 years, but they miss last year - with the talent on their team, they sneak in this year slightly edging out Saskatchewan - they will miss the likes of Kenton Keith too much. Joseph struggles when asked to throw the ball too much.

East Finals

Hamilton beats Toronto in a classic at Ivor WYnne
WInnipeg beats Hamilton in Eastern Final - its too damn cold in Winnipeg in November.

West Finals

BC defeats Edmonton at home in the dome.
BC defeats Calgary on the road. DIckenson has flashbacks to the old days in freezing Calgary and comes back to haunt the Stamps in another memorable game.

Grey Cup

BC Defeats Winnipeg at the SKydome. THe bombers cant thaw in time for the game and look slow against the Lions who start and finish the season in Toronto. Wally wins his first back to back Grey Cups.

All in all, a great year for the CFL, the rebirth of Tiger Cat football we know and love, and maybe the start of my new career...CFL prognosticator.

God bless. "The Bottom Line" Go Cats Go!


  1. Winnipeg. IF Glenn stays healthy. That's a BIG if.
  2. Montreal. I'm not a fan of Popp as head coach, but he's a good GM and he'll have good players.
  3. Hamilton. A year full of growing pains, but still enough to finish ahead of the Argos.
  4. Toronto. QB problems all year ruin a good year by their D.


  1. BC. Too much talent and a great coach.
  2. Edmonton. Ricky Ray has a major bounce back year. They win most of their games in shootouts, but who cares, they're still wins.
  3. Calgary. A great season, maybe even 12-6, but it's not enough in the tough West.
  4. Saskatchewan. I don't like Austin's all-pass offence, especially when the weather gets bad.









Winnipeg & Sask going to the Cup.