Predict the daily attendance count

What will it be by the end of today, Thursday Nov. 12?

I predict 22,747

Ohh, tough one. That's pretty lofty Kirk.
I'll say 20,000.

Earlier in the week, I figured that by end-of-day Friday, if we had 20,000 sold, we'd be on a sellout pace. So, even this will put us beyond where I thought we'd be at.

Yesterday at noon, it was about 17500, now it's about 19000. I don't think Kirk's far off. I'm going with 21000.

I would say 24,500. The weekend will make a big differnce.

Wow, that's about a thousand since the day statred. Yesterday they finished at about 18,300 I believe.

Is the 19 000 just a guess or do you know this from somewhere? Im just asking because the boat still says 18 327

When I visited the site for the first time this morning, the number was still about 18300. I checked again just before 10:00 when 1 Jarvis opens and it showed 19000. My first thought was "wow, 700 tickets and they haven't even opened yet!" But now I'm wondering if they just took a while to update their numbers from yesterday (after all, they're busy), or if the increase by 700 comes from online sales from overnight. In any case, it's good news.

I had to refresh my browser to see the new number.

nice im glad there over 19
ill say they will get to about 20 700, I would love to see them go over that tho :thup:

21, 789

Will someone be on right at midnite to confirm the #?

It wont be exact because ticket master will be selling tickets threw the night. The cats probably wont update the count after 5 pm

Put me down for 21,400

By the end of thursday November 12th. I will say 22 105.

Hey Captain, do we get a prize for the one who comes closest? :smiley:

Yeah I'm guessing the same. Hopefully the good weather report will ramp things up on friday and sat

18,327 was the amount sold when the store closed at 7PM last evening.

19,031 was the amount sold just before the store opened at 10AM this morning.

21,000 By the end of the day. 8)

20247 by sat morning lol

That would be pretty sad, especially judging by the fact that today is Thursday, ergo, before payday.

20,118 at 3:45 pm Thurs. WOW! It's gonna be packed!!!

I think it will be packed more than the labour day game ( 30 293) !!