Predict the Attendance in Toronto??

Okay CFL fans what will be the attendance Thursday night for the Argo's home game against the Roughriders and hopefully Argo management doesn't need 50% give away promo's on tickets to draw fans in but being Saskatchewan which is probably the second biggest draw in the CFL for the Argo's next to the hate and hate relationship of the Tiger-Cats it will be interesting to see how many fans they get at the Roger's Centre? Remember this is Toronto, the home of Perfection, it's indoors, no rain or monsoons to worry about like in Guelph or Hamilton, so everything is perfect and with a Grey Cup winning team you would think attendance would be 50,000?? Yah right, I predict 20,000 what do you think???

In the vicinity of 25,000.



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27,892 announced, but it will look closer to 19, 153 (because announced attendance is always inflated).

Sadly, I predict 20k and change. My perception is that the Riders are one of the worst draws in Toronto. Even with the padded attendance due to legions of Saskatchewan ex-pats in the GTA this game always seems to draw flies. I was very encouraged to see the nearly 30k for their first game. I was discouraged to see the ticketmaster chart. They need to address the list of problems that have been debated to death on this site (in game experience, stadium, scattered schedule, promotion). If what Braley is saying is true, many of these issues will be history in 5 years. A CFL football first stadium and a specific and consistent game night should go a long way to getting some on the fence fans to commit to season tix. The Argos will never be sweathearts of that city (only the Leafs are followed rain or shine). The Argos are a niche property as long as dilusions of NFL glory drown them out. We should be okay with that. It only needs to be a healthy viable franchise. Go Riders and here's to a healthy walk-up and a strong Argo franchise!

It's also a Thursday night. Attendance would be much better if they had some Saturday afternoon games. None this year....

while we’re at it, lets predict the ticats’ attendance for their upcomming home game with the bombers:

i guess 9,500.

whatever the argos draw, it’ll be more than the cat’s draw.

If u look at ticketmaster it's gonna be close !!!!! I think the Ticats will have the more payed attendance !

Can you prove which tickets were paid for?
Right now, if you purchase a Ticats ticket with a Scotiabank card, you get a ticket free.
A tiny stadium with half the tickets being given out for free, yet you come to ridicule the argos.

Just like this Argos special that is good for every home game,!

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The previous years games going back to 2005 doesn't seem to support that.

Average attendance for a Sask at TO game is 27377 (and that is with 3 of those 8 games being played on a Monday or Thursday).

What ? Scotiabank is a corporate sponser of the League and the Cats , in other words they get advertising from the team and league, inturn SB buys tickets and distributes them as they see fit ---------I doubt they are free..... they buy them and pass them on to their consumers in whatever promotion happens to be in play at time ....AND......I would bet there is a 72 hour window prior to the game that any unused tickets that were sold to a corporate sponser are returned to the team and put up for sale by the team till the time of the start of the game in question .

After watching the News in Toronto with all the flooding from rain and more expected on the way tonight and during Wednesday with more flooding anticipated according to Environment Canada they might cancel the game all together due to rain in the Rogers Centre indoors? Remember they cancelled the home opener Tailgate party because of chance of rain?? Maybe the attendance might be a lot lower if transit is not running?? You can Kayak to the front door of the Rogers Centre though!!!

Just to touch on this some more:

2012 25176 3rd highest attendance Avg for season 23690 (Mon)
2011 20482 4th highest attendance Avg for season 20018 (Thurs)
2010 23873 3rd highest attendance Avg for season 22069
2009 30055 1st highest attendance Avg for season 26374
2008 28654 5th highest attendance Avg for season 29189 (Thurs)
2007 34234 2nd highest attendance Avg for season 30931
2006 30323 4th highest attendance Avg for season 29667
2005 26218 7th highest attendance Avg for season 30195

Only twice since 2005 have the Riders visiting resulted lower then normal crowds at the Skydome and one was a Thursday.

Myth busted.

You think so? I can't do Saturday afternoons... Well, in Sept/Oct maybe... Thurs/Friday night just fine.


What an idiotic statement. Maybe he was dropping acid when he formulated that "perception". Has this character ever watched a CFL game? The Riders travel better than any team in the league. Take a look on the visitor side of the Skydome Thursday night and the green will far outnumber the blue.

What kills it for me are games on days where you have to work the day of the game AND the day after. Thursday, Tuesday, ect.

I hate having to rush home from work, get ready, rush downtown to make it in time. Then rush home after because I have to be at work in the morning. This is why this year I bought a flex pack. Too many Thursday and Tuesday games. I don't mind Friday or Sunday games either.

Those kind of games were a big problem for me when I lived in Ontario too. I had an hour+ commute after the game to get back home, and it's really not practical to be getting in that late and have to work the next day.

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What an idiotic statement. Maybe he was dropping acid when he formulated that "perception". Has this character ever watched a CFL game? The Riders travel better than any team in the league. Take a look on the visitor side of the Skydome Thursday night and the green will far outnumber the blue.

Tell me what you really think. First of all, my perception isn't a claim of reality. I didn't say they were the worst draw but that it seemed that way to me. The root of my perception was that the Riders aren't a great draw to those born and raised in and around the GTA. The sea of green will be there of course. They will outnumber the Argo fans. That's my point! They don't augment the attendance, they marginally self correct it. There are more Sask-ex pats living in Toronto who want to go to the Argos game than native Torontonians who want to go to the Argo game. Of course the Rider fans count as butts in the seats. I still wouldn't perceive them as a great draw overall compared to their impact in other stadiums. It is not that unreasonable in some respects. It is a non-divisional team from a place that the locals probably identify with the least.

We are not a bad draw in Toronto overall. The attendance numbers supplied support that. However, we don't make much of a dent in the perceived emptiness of the Rogers Centre. I have to wonder if the rest of Toronto is more likely to stay away. Of the 7 teams the Argos play at home, where would the Riders fall on the "must see" list to someone born and raised in Markham or Missasagua? I don't know the answer but the Riders attendance numbers don't jump out as being outside the normal variation on the mean attendance.

I have seen every Riders @ Toronto game going back many years. It always looks empty. I guess that was the root of my "mis-perception". Of course it looks empty. It is always empty. That is the sad part. Thanks for those who informed me with the stats :thup: . To those who respond with insults, stay classy :thdn: .