Predict the attendance in Montreal



vingt-quatre mille

please, STOP the TROLLING.


It's funny ever since the stadium was expanded, not one sell out !! :thdn: and it only holds 25,000

More in Montreal than in Toronto on Thursday night, unless Montreal gets flooded out as well??


Holds 25012 to be exact. 2010 ....

Hard to sell out a 62 000 seat stadium.

12 600 fans with free tickets to stadium contractors, University and Guelph partners and your still yapping :lol: :rockin:

Since when did McGill hold 62,000 HfxUFC ??????? and since your yapping, why don't you yap on this :cowboy: :lol:

Not all games are played at McGill but you know the place where all those home playoff games and GC have been played.

Montreal can't even sell out , your team should talk yappy :roll:

Maybe u should read this about your team again yappy !

12 600


I think there are some legit concerns with Montreal and attendance. They have not had great crowds, even though they've had some great teams. What will happen when they field a very average to poor team? You have to think the numbers will fall.

HlxUFC, How do u feel about your team having the next Bart Andrus ? :lol:

tc23, how do you feel about your team having a worse record than the next Bart Andrus? :wink:

Talk to me after 18 games !

If with 22,000 to 23,000 the Al's make money, with their high ticket price. the Cat's have not made money in 30 years

Well I don't think the Argos have ever made money !!