Predict the attendance in Guelph

Well Hamilton is hosting the Bombers this week and after 12 600 people showed up for a Shiatshow by the home team in monsoon rains and had to use Johnny's on the spot overflowing with rain water and excrements before having to cab it 50km home because the bus never showed what do you think the attendance will be ? Will they break double digits ?

32,235 will be the announced attendance, the actual attendance will be 13,102, the announced is always inflated :lol:

If Toronto gets more rain and gets flooded out of the Rogers Centre Thursday night the Cats will draw a better crowd than the Argo's and Roughrider game wouldn't that be funny!! Jason and the Argo's are getting beat up in their own backyard! Time to set sail??

If u look at ticketmaster for the Argos game, there is probably 0nly 8000 sold so far, it could happen !!

You picked a bad year to be making fun of Argo attendance, considering the Cat's situation. Just saying.

Ticketmaster does not tell you how many tickets have been sold for an event.
If it did, you'd probably see there are still 13,000 tickets left for the ticat game this week.

Who do you think they are......Toronto FC??!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

12,987. Lovin' the games in Guelph, very cool.