Predict Ricky Williams rushing yardage!

I saw this poll at, so i decided to c/p it over here and see the results. Include in your post your prediction for his exact yardage, and we'll see who was closest at the end of the season.

I say 850 yards.

Up in smoke you say!
Care to elaborate?

I dont really know. I just copied and pasted this from

UP In Smoke!
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I think Roberts will lead the league again this season, beating out both Smith and Williams. My reasoning is that he has more experience with the CFL game.

We should all except to see the running game in the league (which is consider more pass friendly :roll:) to pick up tremendously.

Just because he was great in the NFL , doesn't mean that he will tear up the league. Many U.S. collage stars and ex-NFLer's have tried and failed. There are some people that did great FLUTIE , ROGERS but they are the exceptions.

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Hell do alright. Its a different game than the nfl and I dont think he will rip it up like in the nfl but he will do ok

hel do good but not as good as charles roberts

you might not have charles since you picked up pudgey smith

roberts is already at camp making friends with smith, and said hes happy and content with everything going on

well roberts is not as good as ricky srry blue bombies...but ricky would make roerts look like a divisonII RB

Are you serious? Ricky Williams has no expierence whatsoever in the CFL. Maybe if he was in the league for a few years he could tear up the league but this is his first (and likely only) year in the league. He will still be getting used to the bigger field while Roberts is passing 1 000.


getting use to a bigger field...first of all hes a power back so he goes up the middle and punishes people. dont get use to a bigger field when your will make him even better,hes gonna get 2,000 yards.

when you have to get use to something it something that would hinder your play but a bigger field for a power back with speed will only make ricky that much more impossible to shut down.

if anyone gonna suck..its gonna be porky smith

I'm going to predict that he will be on pace to break the record. Maybe not beat it but it will stand a challenege.

Agree with hellothere. There is no guarantee he will rip it up in the CFL. Having said that, I predict 1200 yards.
This may not get him in the top 5 though.

1200 argotom ur an argo fan…im a diehard eskies and hate the argos but i see him getting 2,000 or over

I don't know, there is something about highly touted NFL guys coming up and their prior history of mostly bombing.
If he gets the 1200 that won't be a bad year.

Whatever one thinks of Williams, he is a good running back and I say he gets 1200 yds.