Predict our opening game starting lineup


S- Watkins
CB- Robinson
CB- Jermaine Mayes
HB- Zemaitis
HB- Cris Thompson
nickel back- Gordon or Bradely

OLB- Mariuz, Knowlton
MLB- Zeke

ENDS- King, Mcay
DT- sir henry Anderson, Lewis


WR- Ponder, Miles
SB- Bauman, Rodriguez, Woods

T- Thomas, Alston
G- Dyakowski, Woodard
C- Hage

RB- Lumsden

QB- Printers

returners- Ponder, Mayes

And Setta, right? :wink:

Those are in general reasonable guesses, although I prefer to wait to see if we can get through camp without big injuries blowing up our expectations (the McManus knee injury versus the Torontos in the 2003 preseason just one example). I particularly want to see Printers, Lumsden, and Miles have healthy, productive camps.

Also the waiver wire will have its say re some areas where veteran cuts elsewhere can help the team, especially mid-to-late camp. The Watkins-to-Hamilton card may yet play out if the price is right for Obie. We shall see.

P.S. Ponder may very well surprise both in the return game and at receiver as you suggest.

Oski Wee Wee,

Why do you have Woodard pencilled in as a Guard?

^^^ I'm just guessing they'll move him to guard based on what Obie said about wanting to start 2 American tackles.

But Woodard is an Import.

Oh ya Setta lol.

And ya Ponder should surprise considering the fact he averaged over 25 yards a return in the NFL with the leading returner in the CFL only averaged 23 yards last year.

so he should at least be able to do something as a returner.

lol i always thought he was a non import. I guess Hudson takes his place.

People keep mentioning Ponder and how amazing he was in the NFL. If he was indeed so amazing then why is he forced to come to the CFL for work?

Good question, I was just looking at his player profile and it seems like he was a great kick returner for every team and in every single year he played.

Why is every player in the CFL forced to come up here for work? Kenyon Rambo put up great stats as a returner in the NFL, so why was he forced to come up here?

It could be politics of the salary cap or the pressure on the coaches from the gm to hang onto every single player drafted which forces tons of solid 4th year vets out of the NFL each year.

Jimmy Edwards was another case:

"In 1979 he played 14 games with the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, where he led the league in kickoff return yardage average (25.1 on 44 returns.) He also returned 33 punts, but caught only one pass and did not rush the ball."

[url=] ... all_player[/url])

He didn't stick, either.

It is often a combination of cap, draft, and skillset issues that determine why guys get cut down south. As well, CFL guys tend to be smaller than their NFL counterparts. As to why certain receivers stick or not, it can come down to an issue of a guy dropping a ball in preseason he should have caught. I recall Garney Henley writing in A Gentleman and A Tiger about that being a factor in his release from the Packers in 1960...and I have no doubt he could have been a GREAT NFL pro as well!

Oski Wee Wee,

It's hard to even speculate on a starting lineup right now. They've still got a month to cut verterans and restructure contracts. One thing is for sure, I bet the field the cheapest team possible. Casey, I hope you throw for 500 per game or you may get restructured coughs, i mean, fired.

Safety: Greibel
CB: Mays, Robinson
HB: Bradley, Zemaitis
LB: Moreno, Knowlton, Mariuz
DE: Keith, Loescher
DT: Wayne, Anderson

QB: Printers
RB: Lumsden
WR: Miles, Ponder
SB: Bauman, Jackson
OT: Woodard, Thomas
G: Hudson, Gagne-Marcoux
C: Hage

Chris gets a penalty, not enough men on the field for the offence. Should be 12, not 11.

Not only that but he gets fined 50 bucks from obbie for starting 8 canadians lol.

here is a good article i found on Greibel

Bo Smith will be in there somewhere. He was the first if not one of the first BC leftovers Obie snapped up. That is significant.

Be nice if Greibel turned out to be this year's Moreno!


S - Matt Griebel
CB - Jykine Bradley
CB - Lawrence Gordon
HB - Alan Zemaitis
HB - Rontarius Robinson

OLB - Ray Mariuz, Markeith Knowlton
MLB - Zeke Moreno

DE - Charlton Keith, Nautyn McKay-Loescher
DT - Sir Henry Anderson, Marcus Lewis


WR - Tony Miles, Rashaun Woods
SB - Chris Bauman, Prechae Rodriguez
5th WR - Willie Ponder

T - Jonta Woodard, Marko Cavka
G - George Hudson, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux or Peter Dyakowski
C - Marwan Hage

RB - Jesse Lumsden
FB - Micheal Giffin

QB - Casey Printers

KR/PR- Willie Ponder, JoJo Walker

Underlined = Canadian

3-4 Defence

Safety: Greibel
CB: Mays, Robinson
HB: Thompson, Zemaitis
LB: Moreno, Kinney, Knowlton, Mariuz
DE: Keith, Loescher
NT: Guerrero

Offense ( 5 Recievers )
QB: Printers
NO FB - A 5TH Reciver
RB: Lumsden
WR: Miles, Ponder , Woodcock
SB: Bauman, Cohen
OT: Woodard, Thomas
G: Hudson, Gagne-Marcoux
C: Hage

Keep im minnd TRE Smith and Terry Caulley will come
in as a second back at times

Dennis Mitchel , Bo Smith ,Bradley and Gordon are possibilities in the defensive backfield
and Jackson and Rodriques could be suprises at reciever . I think obie won't use a canadian at fullback and instead rotate in a5th reciever and american halfback..since lumsden is canadian he can afford thsi luxury providing he goes with 2 canadian recievers of 5 . i don't think he will rush Barker at safety .

Not bad............and Creehan certainly has experience at running a 3/4 defence.