Predict our next TSN power ranking

For the past several weeks the Cats have been at #5.

So this coming week?

#1 Montreal
#2 Calgary
#3 Saskatchewan
#4 Hamilton
#5 Edmonton
#6 B.C.
#7 Toronto
#8 Winnipeg

Hamilton/Saskatchewan could easily swap but I think the rest are bang on.

Sportsnet 4

I have a question but didn’t want to start a new topic. It sort of relates to rankings.
I know a 4 place team in one division can knock off a 3rd place team for a playoff spot if that 4th place team more points than the 3rd. But, can a 4th place team with more points also knock off a 2nd place team in another division for a playoff spot? sort of explains it but not fully. This is what I found. “If the fourth-place team in division A has more points, not tied, than the third-place team in division B, the fourth-place team will crossover to division B, replace the third place team in division A, and compete against the second-place team of that division.”

Well there is only 4 teams in each division, so the 4th team couldn't "knock off" the 2nd place team for a playoff spot. What could theoretically happen is that the 4th place team has a better record than the 2nd place team, in which case one would think it is possible that they could have a home playoff game. But I don't think this is what happens. I'm virtually certain that the home playoff game would still go to the team in the correct division.



Obviously montreal will be first, and Winnipeg will be at #8 while T.O is at #7. But then the other 5 teams could really be put in many different orders from 2-6

we will stay in 5th.

  1. Montreal
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton---because they won yesterday
  4. Sask --they lost to Edm but beat us last time
  5. Hamilton--because we get no respect from the media
  6. BC --getting better
  7. TO--Not as bad as Winnepeg
  8. Winnipeg--just plain bad

big gap
Edmonton Sask Hamilton BC

]#1 Montreal
#2 Saskatchewan
#3 Edmonton
#4 Hamilton
#6 B.C.
#7 Toronto
#8 Winnipeg

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We moved up to #2 Behind Montreal

Jim Lang always gives us more props than TSN :thup:

TSN has us at number 4. I really can't argue with that....nor I guess can I argue with Sportsnet's number 2.

So in my mind...split the difference and we are number 3!!!

I agree we should be #3 Behind Montreal and Edmonton.

My power rankings would be based on the fact that we have lost to Montreal and Saskatchewan and there records speak for themselves.


I think once we beat Saskatchewan even if we dont catch up to Montreal I think we will be ranked #2. It depends if we can beat Calgary again also. Right now were ahead of Calgary

Saskatchewan is too inconsistent to hold #2. Just IMO.