Predict our new QB coach!

Who do you think will be the next QB coach for our Als?

I'm going to go off the board here and say Doug Berry, because Berry has a prior relationship with Calvillo.

I have no problem with Berry returning, but I'm wondering, with AC signing on again, if we even need a dedicated QB coach. We've already got a QB oriented head coach in Trestman, we've got an offensive coordinator, AC is extremely experienced, do we really need a separate QB coach ?

In line with what MadJack wrote, I also wonder if the Als really need a dedicated/separate QB coach.

While I definitely don't have problem with Doug Berry, I nevertheless predict that it will be Carson Walch.


While this is definitely not a lack of respect, but given that Doug Berry is 64 years old, I wonder is this is a negative point/item against him; the opposite could be said about Carson Walch,i.e. he is too young/ not enough experience.


The QB coach is responsible for more than just the starting QB. McPherson and Neiswander both need a dedicated QB coach. Trestman and Meyer have enough on their respective plates.

And even the greatest QB needs someone to work with him at the position. While some might consider age a factor against Doug Berry, I think it's actually a benefit, given that he'll be working with a 40-year-old quarterback.

Richard, if you're correct, who do you think will replace Walch as receivers coach?

Carson Walch could be the QB coach and the Receivers Coach.

If Doug Berry is hired, Walch could be the Running Backs and Receivers Coach. Andy Bischoff would be the Special Teams Coach and Administrative Assistant to Marc Trestman.


I dunno, Richard. I've never seen one guy occupy two position coach roles at the same time. Since Walch wouldn't be promoted, I doubt Trestman would shake up his staff more than he has to. I think he'll keep Walch at receiver, hire someone (Berry?) for QB coach, and leave Bischoff wearing (sigh) all three hats (RB coach, admin assistant, ST coordinator).

In 2006, Marcel Bellefeuille was the Receivers and Running Backs Coach with the Als.

Could remain/be as you wrote,disciplineandpunish.


Ah, good point. I had done my best to forget about Bellefeuille. :lol:

It would make sense to go with Carson Walsh to handle both QBs and receivers. Remove Bischoff from his special teams duties and work and move a young guy like Brendan Nudget to full time special teams coach. I have not heard his name mentioned, is he still with the ALs. If so a young gung ho coach like that who will bring energy, dedication, and pride to the special teams UNit would be ideal. There special teams were lifeless out there this season for the most part.

Pour ma part, je demeure sceptique au sujet des résultats du travail de Walch.

Lorsqu'il "contrôlait" les unités spéciales, celles-ci ont amorcé leur descente aux enfers. Il a ensuite hérité du poste d'entraîneur des receveurs, et nous n'avons jamais vu autant de ballons échappés, ni autant de blessures à nos receveurs.

Je me sentirais plus rassuré si un gars d'expérience comme Berry s'amenait dans le personnel d'entraîneurs à ce poste où, justement, nous avons un quart très expérimenté mais qui demeure à l'écoute et très certainement de jeunes (et moins jeunes) quarts-arrières qu'il faudra former en vue d'une éventuelle retraite de notre légende. Je vois mal un gars comme Walch réussir une telle mission alors qu'il n'a pas performé dans une seule de celles qui lui ont été confiées.

I think we will still see Marc Trestman being very hands on with the offense to the point that he is actually really the OC calling the plays until he can find another Milanovich to groom. In doing this he will need a good defensive coordinator and Special Teams coach who can hndle the job on their own and be successful neither of which happens last year spreading Trestman very thin

Trestman has always been hands-on with the offense, and the de facto OC, even when Milanovich was here. Meyer is the new OC, the two have worked together before, and Trestman seems very high on him. Meyer did good things this season transitioning the O-line from man-blocking to zone-blocking. He'll be fine.

Still no news on who our QB coach will be. I’m wondering if George Cortez is in the mix?

Doubt it. My guess is he goes back to the NFL. He's got plenty of time and with the Ticats on the hook he can afford it. Craig Dickenson just walked out on the Riders, he would be a great choice as QB Coach and ST coordinator.

You know Trestman has too much love for the track suit... :lol:

I know but I think this would be a match made in heaven for both guys. We'll see I guess.

Looks like Dickenson is going to Winnipeg.

Good on the Bombers for hiring Dickenson, an excellent special teams coach. And another missed opportunity for the Als.