Predict our new OC, 2014 Edition!

LaPo's offences were never particularly impressive to me. . . that said, I can live with it as well. Can't possibly be worse than Berry/Miller's offence, can it?

Competition for LaPolice will come from the Red Blacks as head coach. To me it comes down to LaPolice, Chapdelaine, Bellefeuille. Ottawa Sun says Dickenson not on their short list.

He did well running a mobile QB offense with Durant & co. in 2009. He bombed in Winnipeg, no pun intended, but who hasn't bombed in Winnipeg recently? Just having an OC who knows how to run an offense geared to a mobile QB will be great.

that said, I can live with it as well. Can't possibly be worse than Berry/Miller's offence, can it?
No possible way it could be worse than the Two-Headed Monster of Suck that was our offense this year. Especially with a full training camp to build around Troy and (hopefully) a healthy Richardson and Whitaker...

Carter was a more than adequate replacement for Richardson, who is getting a bit long in the tooth anyway, and there's no guarantee that he'll be able to bounce back to what he was. .. mind you, there's no guarantee that we'll be able to keep Carter either.

For Whitaker, Sutton was a more than adequate replacement and let's face it, running back is the easiest position to replace.

Smith was never running much at all this past season. Was that because he's not particularly mobile or because Berry and Miller put him in a straight jacket with that excuse for an offensive scheme? Time will tell I guess.

Yes, it equally well could have been O'Shea. .. didn't Popp try to get him a few seasons back?

Je ne crois pas que Popp cherche un entraîneur-chef qui vienne du côté de la défensive ou des unités spéciales, à moins qu'il ne l'ait assez vu à l'oeuvre pour savoir qu'il a vraiment ce qu'il faut pour diriger l'équipe.

En l'absence de cette certitude, je crois qu'il préférera quelqu'un qui a travaillé du côté offensif.

Bujold said that Popp was turned down by a team to interview someone for off. co-ordinator. I speculated it was Maas, of course cant be sure. But it would not have been OShea for that position.

O`Shea and Khari Jones said to be leading candidates for Bombers head coach.

I hadn't seen that Sheldon. . . assuming that to be true, then yes it wouldn't have been O'Shea.

Do not tempt the fates. They could hire Bart Andrus and he could re-hire Hawkins as OC. LOL

According to TSN, LaPo expected to be BC's new OC. Sigh. By the time this mess with Popp gets sorted out, we'll be hiring an inanimate carbon rod to run the offense, because it will be the most qualified candidate left...

I`ll throw another name into the hat - Waterloo coach Joe Paopao who Popp brought in to work with Trestman when he was hired in 2008.

Poapao is not a name we have heard out there but i would consider a good one. A CFL QB for years plenty of Coaching experience as a CFL OC. I like that he has stayed with the Canadian game at the CIS level. Often coaches say they will return if it was the right situation and being OC of the Als certainly would be a top situation and job in the CFL.
Thinking inside the box on this one would be a good idea. The Als have the best Oline factory going. Plenty of talent on the offensive side of the ball as well. Who better to be an OC for Troy Smith but a former CFL QB. Veteran SJ Green as well as top youngster Duron Carter and a healthy Lavoi is a great place to start. A nice diverse stable of RBs. Sutton is in his prime. The NFL is behind him and he is ready to be a standout CFL RB. Super potencial in Lumbala as a Canadian RB and a now mature Jerome Messom who has turned into a good blocker, receiver, as well as playing specials. All things the younger Messom did not do.
Thorpe has the defense as one of the top young coaches in the CFL and got rewarded with the Tag of ASST HC. Poapoa certainly the ability to run a Canadian Offense as well as coaching in the OUA for the last 5 or so years knows the players coming out which would be a plus for upcoming drafts.
Popp could hang on as HC if needed and let the coordinators do their jobs.

Also could look to a guy like Marcel Bellefeuille as a HC and be a HC. Not have to worry about coaching the offense or defense and be a real HC overseeing the whole operation with a ton of experience knowing the Canadian game. Being from Ottawa has been around the game his whole life and would be able to organize a solid CFL practice and not be the sideshow that Hawkins was. An all business low key guy like Trestman but with top coordinators under him.

Who is up for the Special teams job. With MAC having its success could another former CFL player like Stef Ptaszek. With the smaller coaching staffs in the CIS he did double as special teams coach at Mac for some time as well. He is at the point now where if the CFL does not work out he would have top choice of CIS jobs available. A bonus is that he was able to get the best out of Quinlan and may get him to sign with the Als. Quinlan has the arm and is big enough and experienced with running the short yardage offense

Media reports that Lapolice will be the OC in BC… We wait…

Anyone else going to laugh if we end up with Marcel Bellefeuille or a Mike Kelly ? :cowboy:

More like laugh until you cry. :frowning:

At the risk of sounding insensitive, I think the ultimate slur would be "that Mike Kelly team."

Can you imagine the tantrums between Popp and Kelly LOL !

When you look at who is left. It is starting to be obvious that the next OC will come from the US and likely have no CFL experience.

That would be a mistake for sure. I looked outside the BOx with Trestman and it worked out. After the last debacle it may be time to thing inside the box. The Als do not need a major overhall do to lack of talent. Running a pro style CFL offense and execute it greatly would put the Als back on top.

The lack of CFL experience can be overcome if the OC at least has some pro experience. What did Hawkins in was the lack of both. He had no idea how to motivate and coach grown men and it showed very early on.

As I recall, Paopao's offence was not terribly popular in his time in Ottawa, considered rather unimaginative by the fans.