Predict our new OC, 2014 Edition! (REDUX)

Rumor has it management has whittled down the list of contenders to a VERY competitive list.

Je suis un peu surpris que Jean-Marc Chaput ne soit pas en lice.

As an old school guy who listens to Frank, Tony and Ella in his spare time, I`m voting Diana Krall as we need someone to jazz up our offense!

Well, considering the candidates you have put before us, how about Rob Ford? He has been known to dabble in football, along with a few other things...

Not overly sold on Frank, Sheldon, but no argument about Tony for male vocalist.

But Ella. .. man there was no one better (as long as she remembered the words to the song; hate that scat nonsense).

My two all time favourites of hers:

And here she is along with quite the lineup: Benny Goodman, Harry James, Teddy Wilson, Red Norvo, Jo Stafford. . .

I wanted to stick with a music theme, so no Ford. :wink:

Could certainly support Diana Krall, but even better would be Beyonce... :smiley:

Great stuff Jack, I agree there was no one better.

As for Frank I enjoy his Capitol recordings before the ring-a-ding-ding rat pack period.

I wonder if Mike Therrien, JJ Daigneault or Gerard Gallant know anything about football. Habs should be done by june maybe we can ask them to coach.

Vincent Damphousse. He compared himself to Calvillo :cowboy:

I assume an announcement will be made this week. Whoever they choose will be fine by me. I actually like the way this team is taking shape heading into camp.

So, it doesn't matter to you who becomes head coach and/or OC? I can't say I feel the same. After the Dan Hawkins / Mike Miller / Doug Berry fiasco last year, I am definitely not willing to put any blind faith in Popp/Wetenhall to do what's best for the franchise. And given how late in the season it is, what good candidates are left? Likely we'll hire some unknown from the US with no CFL experience, who could turn out to be good or bad. It's hard to know. For every Trestman, there are five more Hawkins (or Verduccis or Millers) who don't respect the Canadian game enough to adapt.

I'm not saying definitively that we won't have a good coach, but I'm holding my breath. Popp and Wetenhall had better get it right this time. We're at a very delicate state as a franchise -- a bad hire now could be ruinous to the team in the short and long term...

Ive honestly never heard of a team going into march without a head coach or offensive coordinator. The fans here aren't going to support a floundering football team the way we support the habs when they struggle. This team's pofits are only ever going to be as good as the team they put on the field and the longer they wait to hire someone the fewer candidates there will be and the less time they'll have to properly teach their system to the players in the event we're lucky enough to find someone competent in the first place

And the man can move based on the Women's hockey team winning the Gold medal. :wink:

Some have been saying an announcement was going to be made a couple months back! End of February, time quickly passing bye.
Hope Marsh and Smith have been spending the off season working on a play book :wink:

I agree with you, but I've just become resigned to this ridiculous process. The mere fact that it's late February and we're still without an HC and OC means we're not going to hire the best candidate for either job. But what's there to do as a fan except hope that whoever we do hire (whenever that is, in the year 2114, maybe? :wink:) turns out to be a good choice. The org has lowered my expectations a helluva lot in the past few years. I used to expect excellence; now I just hope we avoid catastrophe.

How about the singer that wears the Mountie hat ... seems to be everywhere of late.
Just imagine him waving that thing during practice

Well, at least they picked the cheerleaders for 2014 - not a bad looking bunch, either! That has to count for something!

:lol: :thup:

Wow ! One whole black girl. and no other ethnicity ! I'm speechless.

And not one in my age category! Absolute age discrimination!